Selfex Celebrates Remarkable Achievement: Surpasses Rs. 100 Crores in Business Revenue

Selfex Logo22nd July 2023, New Delhi: Selfex, India’s first self-network organizer, is excited to announce a major turning point in its development. The company accomplished a remarkable feat this quarter by surpassing Rs. 100 crores in business revenue, securing its position as a leader in the quickly growing self-networking industry.

Unlike any other company in the sector, Selfex has outperformed its rivals in the market and grown exponentially. Industry insiders admit that despite its potential, the self-networking sector is still largely unorganized and undeveloped. Selfex, the first self-network organizer, has meticulously planned and executed its innovative approach, enabling people to harness the true power of networking for their own personal and professional development.

Being the only player in this niche market gives Selfex a significant competitive advantage. With no profit sharing as a result of this advantage, the business is positioned as a monopolistic force in the industry. In the absence of rivals, Selfex has been able to improve its offerings, paving the way for future growth and innovation.

Raj Bajoria, the founder and CEO of Selfex, said, “We are thrilled to have achieved this remarkable milestone of crossing Rs. 100 crores in business revenue. This success highlights the enormous potential of self-networking and reaffirms our dedication to revolutionizing how people connect and advance their careers. We are proud to be pioneers in this emerging sector and are prepared to expand it to new heights.

Selfex’s cutting-edge platform and solid infrastructure have given countless people the power to create meaningful connections and easily accomplish their personal and professional goals. The platform’s innovative strategy has won praise from both users and colleagues in the industry, and its success is proof of the value of self-networking in the connected world of today.