UNO Technology commences its first-ever project in India with cutting-edge Air Traffic Control Cabin at Noida International Airport

Unni_BhaskarNew Delhi,1st Feb 2024: UNO Technology, a leading engineering solutions company specializing in high-vision air traffic control cabins and towers, announced its inaugural project in India. The company is set to bring cutting-edge technology to the forefront as it contributes to the success of Noida International Airport’s Air Traffic Control (ATC) cabin construction to revolutionize the need for advanced ATCs. This approach adheres strictly to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, aiming to address critical issues such as limited visibility, obsolete equipment, and elevated levels of fatigue among air traffic controllers, negatively impacting operational efficiency and safety standards.

As a specialist contractor for Noida International Airport in Jewar, U.P., UNO Technology is facilitating the construction of the groundbreaking High Vision Air Traffic Control Room for the new Air Traffic Control Tower. The company is implementing a first-of-its-kind innovative framing system without mullions for glazing in the Visual Control Room (VCR).

The ATC cabin, masterfully facilitated by UNO Technology, boasts an obstruction-free vision for air traffic controllers. While elevating operational efficiency and safety at the airports, these advanced features are setting a new benchmark for air traffic control infrastructure in India. It aligns seamlessly with global aviation standards.

Mr. Unni Bhaskar, Managing Director of UNO Technology Private Limited, expressed the company’s enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Our debut project in India with the Noida International Airport is a significant milestone. We bring not only innovative technology but also a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction through advancing air traffic control infrastructure in the country. Since our motto is ‘100% made in India, made for the world’, we take pride in contributing to the growth of the Indian aviation industry on a global scale. This project is a step towards our vision for a safer and more efficient future in aviation.”

The Noida International Airport project, owned by Zurich Airports Group and executed by TATA Projects Limited, represents a landmark collaboration in the aviation sector. This ambitious project positions the airport to become the fourth-largest globally and the largest in India.