YOFC and China Mobile Debut World’s First 800G Hollow-Core Fibre Transmission Network

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WUHAN, China, June 17, 2024 — On June 6, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC), in collaboration with China Mobile, unveiled the world’s first 800G hollow-core fibre transmission test network in Shenzhen-Dongguan, Guangdong. The development is a significant milestone in the evolution of telecommunications infrastructure, pushing the boundaries of traditional fibre optic technology.

YOFC’s participation in the test network featured a comprehensive suite of solutions specifically designed for hollow-core fibre optics, encompassing the provision of cables, essential splicing services, and adapters for integration with single-mode fibres. The project successfully navigated several technical challenges common in complex installations. The challenges involved mitigating environmental risks and ensuring robust infrastructure during fibre laying and splicing operations—addressing pipe flooding, managing excessive humidity, and conducting precise splicing in outdoor environments. These efforts were crucial in enabling a detailed evaluation of the fibre’s performance under real operational conditions.

Key performance metrics achieved on a 20km test link—such as splice losses between hollow-core fibres, connections from hollow-core to solid-core fibres, and attenuation post-installation—were benchmarked against leading global standards. Moreover, the deployment featured an 800Gbps single-wavelength optical transmission setup, achieving a bidirectional long-distance transmission test with a throughput of 128Tb/s over hollow-core fibres. This not only demonstrated the practical application of such fibres in intricate and demanding network environments but also served as a critical proof-of-concept for the scalability and industrial applicability of hollow-core fibre technologies.

New technological heights are being achieved across the sector, driven by the ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence. Hollow-core fibre, utilizing an innovative air-guiding mechanism, surpasses the performance constraints associated with traditional solid-core fibres in both capacity and latency. The technology offers marked improvements in data transport infrastructures such as internet backbones and data centers, and is expected to continue meeting the growing demands for data transmission for the next 20 years and beyond.

YOFC plans to advance the development and manufacturing of next-generation hollow-core fibre technologies. Working with industry allies, YOFC seeks to foster innovation, fast-track the commercialization of new fibres, and boost optical network performance, establishing a solid foundation for the fibre infrastructure essential for a smarter world.