Makoons Play School Celebrates Global Handwashing Day: Fostering Healthy Habits in the Youngest Learners

Makoons Play SchoolNew Delhi, 16th October 2023 — Makoons Play School, a renowned name in early childhood education, proudly commemorated Global Handwashing Day, underscoring its commitment to nurturing healthy habits and hygiene awareness among its young learners across all their branches.

Global Handwashing Day, celebrated annually on October 15th, is a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

Makoons Play School recognises the crucial significance of cleanliness in a child’s overall development and strives to provide a holistic and enjoyable learning environment. Global Handwashing Day was observed this year with various fun activities and educational programs catered to the students’ ages and intellectual capacities.

The school planned many activities such as Interactive Workshops: Age-appropriate workshops and demonstrations were conducted to educate children about the correct handwashing techniques. These hands-on sessions made learning about hygiene an enjoyable experience. They even conducted Storytelling Sessions: Storytelling has always been an integral part of Makoons’ curriculum. Special stories were shared to emphasize the significance of handwashing and good hygiene practices. They also had Creative Art and Craft: Children showcased their artistic talents by creating handwashing posters and colorful handprints, reinforcing the message of cleanliness. Educational Games were also planned where Games and puzzles were designed to make learning about hand hygiene fun and interactive.

Parents were encouraged to participate in this important day. They actively engaged in discussions about the role of hygiene at home and in their child’s daily routine.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Makoons Group of Schools expressed his delight in celebrating Global Handwashing Day, stating, “We firmly believe that instilling good hygiene habits at an early age is fundamental to a child’s overall growth and well-being. Global Handwashing Day is an excellent opportunity to educate our young learners about this critical aspect of their lives.”

The Makoons Play School’s celebration of Global Handwashing Day is in line with its mission to nurture academic success as well as the values and routines that serve as the foundation for a healthy and responsible adulthood. The occasion demonstrated Makoons’ dedication to giving its pupils a nurturing and secure learning environment.