Vaishnavi Deokar, Sanika Sadashiv Pawale, Vedanti Bachchuwar. Students of MKSSS, Pune

Pune(S.N): Your-Space, India’s most loved student housing company, announced the launch of its new Scholarship program – YS Scholarships, in the month of May 2022. In a matter of days, your space had received up to 2000 applications from at least 20 different cities in the country, among whom were students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Amid over two hundred applications from Maharashtra alone and several rounds of interviews, seven very brilliant and determined students were chosen for the scholarship. Sanika Sadashiv Pawale, Vedanti Raju Bachchuwar, Vaishnavi Deokar, Arun Vinayakrao Deshmukh, Sohel Isak Mujaswar, Manasvi Penshanwar, and Vaishnavi Tinkhade are the deserving candidates who are now proud students at MKsss Cummins and Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune, pursuing their dreams to achieve a higher level of education.

Nidhi Kumra, Co-founder and CEO, Your-Space, talked about the program, “This scholarship is not just about funding the higher education of these students, but also about helping the future of our nation; allowing them to dream without the constraints of financial burdens holding them back. As an interviewer who heard the stories of some of these students, I got to witness first-hand how big of an impact this scholarship really makes in the lives of these students. These meritorious students deserve all the support we can offer them. Their strive to succeed and hard work makes our cause all the more rewarding.”

Some of the stories that came forward during the selection phase of the scholarship left everyone speechless. There were students who were the first generation from their families pursuing a higher level of education. Like the story of Sanika Sadashiv Pawale touched the hearts of many during the interviews. From a small town called Mangalwedha in the Solapur district, Sanika always dreamed big in spite of her financial setbacks. With the only breadwinner being her father who works as a meter reader, her family struggled to provide for her studies. They were even denied an education loan upon request. Based solely on her hard work and a score of 95.17% in her 12th grade, she now achieved a seat at one of the most prestigious universities in Pune. Sohel Isak Mujaswar, from Satara, was also a student that made Maharashtra proud. Coming from a family of four members, Sohel was always determined to break the vicious cycle of his family and be the first to obtain a higher level of education. His love for machines and hard work toward getting into a diploma course after his 10th grade gave him direct admission into the second year of Robotics and Automation at Bharati Vidyapeeth University.

“Launching the YS Scholarship program has been such a wonderful experience. We are proud to have started this journey and we intend to make this an ongoing continuous program. The ambition is to reach out to as many worthy students as possible, each year, and offer them an opportunity to fulfill their educational goals. Your-Space has always been always about building an engaged community and watching it grow into an entity that now provides the students of our nation hope, is truly inspiring.” – Investor, your-space, Manish Choksi.