National Conference 2023.
Date: 2 Oct 2023, 2023 – October 1, 2023.
Location: XITE College, Gamharia

XITE College in Gamharia, Jharkhand, recently hosted a two-day National Conference on Indian Entrepreneurship: Issues and Challenges. Generously sponsored by the ICSSR-ERC, This conference served as a dynamic platform for a diverse group of participants from esteemed institutions worldwide, both in-person and virtually.

Offline Participants: A Strong Regional Presence

On day 1, the offline component of the conference saw active engagement from institutions in the region, including Kolhan University, Jamshedpur Women’s University, Karim City College, Jamshedpur, and the host institution, XITE College itself. With 57 participants, this in-person presence added a vibrant local dimension to the event.

Online Participants: A Global Assembly

The conference attracted a remarkable and diverse assembly of participants from renowned institutions not only across India but also from international institutions, showcasing its global appeal. Among the noteworthy participants were Birla Institute & Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Devagiri, Kozhikode, Usha Martin University, Ranchi, St Aloysius College ( Autonomous), Mangaluru, Ranchi University, and even institutions from as far as Italy, such as MICHR, Mediterranean University. In total, the online segment saw active participation from 58 individuals, representing a variety of roles within academia, ranging from Assistant Professors to Research Scholars.

Eminent Guests and Distinguished Session Chairs

Distinguished guests graced the event with their presence, including Dr. (Fr.) E. A. Francis, S.J, Principal, XITE College, Dr. (Fr.) Mukti Clarence S.J., Vice-Principal of XITE College, and Sri Manoj Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of KU cum Divisional Commissioner of Kolhan (Singhbhum), and Prof. Indrajit Mukherjee, Faculty, XLRI, Jamshedpur.

The conference sessions were skillfully steered by accomplished session chairs:

Dr. D.K. Mitra, Senior Faculty, Jamshedpur Co-Operative College, Jamshedpur
Dr. Abhishek Kumar, Principal and Professor, Army Institute of Management Kolkata
Dr. Manodip Ray Chaudhuri, Professor of Management, St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata
Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay, Professor-Management, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata
Dr. Suhita Chatterjee, Head-In-Charge, University Department of Economics, Kolhan University, Chaibasa
Dr. Kumari Anamika, The Graduate School for Women, Jamshedpur
Organizing Committee Members
Dr. Pramod Kumar Singh
Prof. Shailesh Kumar Dubey
Dr. Rajesh K. Rana
Mr. Naval Narayan. Choudhary
Dr. Swati Singh
Dr. Radha Mahali
Prof. Nishit Prasad Singh
Dr. Partha Priya Das
Editorial Board
Dr. Sanchita Ghosh Chowdhury
Prof. Amit Chaturvedi
Prof. Stuti Rag
Prof. Akinchan Xaxa
Technical Support and Design
Mr. Y. Dilip Kumar
Sch. Vijay Rayappa
Mr. Ashish Singh
Ms. Helen Birua
Mis. Seema Herenj
Ms. Ruby Banik
Concluding Thoughts
The National Conference on Indian Entrepreneurship at XITE College provided an enriching platform for meaningful dialogues and collaborations among participants from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations. It underscored the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth and fostering innovation in India. As the event concluded, participants departed with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities awaiting entrepreneurs in the dynamic Indian landscape. This conference served as a beacon, guiding the way for future discussions and endeavors in the field of entrepreneurship.

By Sujata