EY GDS joins forces with ICTAK to empower 182 women to rejoin workforce

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Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi: EY Global Delivery Services (EY GDS) has partnered with Information and Communication Technology Academy of Kerala (ICTAK) to train women for tech careers, boosting workforce re-entry under Career Reinstate Program.

Women in training at EY GDS's Career Reinstate Program that took place in Thiruvananthapuram

The Career Reinstate Program aims to upskill women and prepare them for reintegration into the workforce. This initiative by EY GDS equips women who plan to return to work with the necessary skills to rejoin the workforce, offering a scalable and robust blueprint for talent development and helping women bridge their career breaks effectively.

The candidates for the program, many hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, were mobilized by ICTAK from diverse socio-economic and geographic backgrounds across Kerala. Each candidate was selected based on merit and eligibility per EY GDS requirements. The program targeted individuals with IT-related backgrounds, having one to two years of work experience, and a career gap of three to five years.

Overall, this was the fourth edition of the Career Reinstate program. From its inception, a total of 246 women have received training, of which 182 have been shortlisted for jobs at EY GDS. This year, 78 women were trained of which 59 have been shortlisted. The candidates received training over a 12-day period, which included in-person sessions at the ICTAK centers in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi.

Sandeep Kohli, Global Talent Leader, EY GDS, said, “We are thrilled to integrate the new cohort of female trainees into the EY community via the Career Reinstate Program. Collaborating with ICTAK underscores our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment while also prioritizing skill enhancement. We are committed to supporting women seeking a second career, helping them to seamlessly to return to professional life and reshape their career paths, thereby narrowing the employment hiatus and invigorating our workforce with new insights. Additionally, this initiative aligns with our broader goal of expanding our reach and creating job opportunities in the nation’s high-potential and fast-growing cities.”

Sai Adwaith Krishnamurthy, Assurance Technology Risk Commercial Leader, EY GDS, said, “The Career Reinstate Program is playing a defining role in equipping women with skills and opportunities to redefine their careers and regain professional standing. The passion shown by the participants to rejoin the workforce after an extended career break is remarkable. The strong response to the program fuels our excitement to further build on this success. This talent development model empowers women and helps businesses leverage diverse skills while reducing unconscious bias.”

Speaking about the Career Reinstate program, Muraleedharan Manningal, CEO, ICT Academy of Kerala said, “Our successful collaboration with EY GDS has unlocked an invaluable talent pool of women keen to rejoin the workforce. This initiative goes beyond recruitment; we are enabling and nurturing their careers, providing continuity and support during transitions, and reigniting their professional journeys. It’s not just about jobs; it creates a societal ripple effect, with women becoming role models and ambassadors for change in their communities. By tapping into diverse talent and fostering conscious efforts, we’re turning the tide for women on career breaks.”

The successful collaboration between EY GDS and ICTAK is paving the way for a more inclusive and skilled workforce in the industry. By empowering women to re-enter the workforce with valuable workplace skills, EY GDS is working towards creating a stronger and more diverse tech industry and fulfil its larger purpose of building a better working world.