Mallikarjun Naidu Revolutionising Leisure with Prime Golf

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From a top corporate leader to a trailblazing entrepreneur, Mallikarjun Naidu‘s journey showcases his vision and passion for creating unique experiences.For nearly two decades, Naidu excelled in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector and capital markets in the United States. However, it was his discovery of a new passion—golf—that set him on a path to revolutionise leisure in India.

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Naidu’s golf passion blossomed during his time in the US, where he embraced the sport’s inclusive, vibrant culture. Yet, upon returning to India, he noticed a gap – golf was still perceived as an elite, exclusive pursuit. Driven by his entrepreneurial mindset, Naidu envisioned a welcoming space where both seasoned and novice golfers could experience the game’s thrill. This vision materialised as Prime Golf.

Spanning an impressive 1.52 lakh sq ft in the bustling heart of Whitefield, Bengaluru, Prime Golf is a groundbreaking venue that merges the excitement of golf with the luxury of craft brewing. Naidu’s concept, aptly captured in the ethos “Swing, Sip, and Soak in the Fun,” aims to make the sport of golf accessible and enjoyable for all.

Naidu’s dedication to inclusivity is evident in every aspect of Prime Golf. The state-of-the-art facilities feature Asia’s largest microbrewery, where an expert team crafts an unparalleled selection of beers on-site. Beer aficionados can indulge in an extraordinary array of craft brews, showcasing diverse flavours from IPAs and lagers to sour beers and fruit-infused ales. Each brew is crafted with locally-sourced ingredients, offering a unique twist on global styles.

But Prime Golf transcends golf and beer; it’s a space for connection, relaxation, and savouring life’s finest moments. Guests can immerse themselves in the sport’s thrill at precision-designed individual golf bays while enjoying panoramic views from an expansive bar and the largest LED screen in its category. With a 1,500-person seating capacity, Prime Golf promises an immersive experience for all.

Culinary enthusiasts will find joy in Prime Golf’s exceptional dining offerings, featuring over 450 delectable choices ranging from modern Indian to global cuisines. The venue also caters to diverse recreational interests, offering arcade games and social spaces, ensuring there is something for everyone—families, individuals, couples, and corporate groups alike.

Mallikarjun Naidu‘s Prime Golf is more than a venue; it’s a vision brought to life, harmoniously blending sport, relaxation, and gastronomy, inviting all to partake in its vibrant offerings. Through his innovative approach, Naidu has not only introduced a global golfing and culinary experience to Bengaluru but also created an inclusive space where leisure, sport, and community converge.