StoxBox’s Earnings Powerhouses: 7 Stocks on the Rise

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In the latest June 2024 edition of StoxBox’s Techno Funda report, investors are presented with a compelling lineup of seven stocks poised to deliver substantial returns based on rigorous technical and fundamental analysis.

1) Cummins India

– Cummins India with a diverse portfolio, including diesel and alternative fuel engines, is well-positioned for growth, focusing on future technologies like battery packs, electric power generation, and hydrogen fuel cells. It targets significant growth, with a current market price of ₹3680 and a target price of ₹4001, signalling strong potential for investors.

2) GAIL (India)

– GAIL is the market leader in the transmission of natural gas in the country. Following a positive sector outlook and bullish technical analysis, GAIL’s stock shows potential for short-term gains, currently priced at ₹217 with a TP of ₹236.

3) Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC)

– The non-banking financial company (NBFC) emphasizes its reliability through strong financial health and asset quality. It is currently priced at ₹173 with a target price of ₹189, supported by positive technical indicators.

4) Info Edge (India),

– The company renowned for is emerging as a standout in the digital economy space. It is poised for growth with solid financials and optimistic market projections. With a current market price (CMP) of ₹6200 and a target price (TP) of ₹6740, Info Edge presents an attractive opportunity for investors looking for long-term growth.


– They are a leading iron ore producer and anticipate growth driven by strong market conditions. This is supported by bullish technical indicators and a current market price (CMP) of ₹262 with a target price (TP) of ₹287.

6) Olectra Greentech

– The company specializing in electric buses is poised to benefit from the increasing adoption of electric vehicles. It is backed by strong technical signals and has a positive outlook in the sector. With a current market price (CMP) of ₹1730 and a target price (TP) of ₹1925, Olectra shows potential for significant appreciation.

7) Siemens

– With its diverse industrial portfolio, Siemens is well-positioned to benefit from industrial growth and technological advancements. Priced at ₹7320 with a TP of ₹8040, Siemens rounds out the portfolio with a robust uptrend supported by bullish technical analysis.

StoxBox presents compelling opportunities for both short-term gains and long-term growth, backed by comprehensive technical analysis and strong fundamentals. Investors keen on maximizing their portfolio potential in the current market climate would find these picks well-aligned with their investment objectives, offering a balanced mix of stability and growth prospects across diverse sectors.