Netherlands’ Avonic Enters India, Partners with Alphatec to Offer Cutting-edge AV Products

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National, 25th June 2024: AVONIC, a leading manufacturer of PTZ cameras and AI software, proudly announces its foray into the vibrant Indian market through a strategic distribution partnership with Alphatec, a leading Mumbai-based distribution house for premier audio and video equipment across India.


Founded in 2014 and renowned for its commitment to innovation, AVONIC is headquartered in Delft, Netherlands. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge audio-visual solutions, AVONIC has ventured into developing AI-powered software applications, enriching its portfolio with groundbreaking advancements in technology. The brand offers 34 different products in more than 30 countries. These products include USB PTZ cameras, Full HD PTZ cameras, 4K60 PTZ cameras, controllers, accessories, and AI tracking solutions.

India, the third-largest pro-AV market in APAC, experiences rapid growth fueled by diverse cultural demands and universal AV solution needs in corporate, education, and entertainment sectors. Technological advancements like 4K cameras amplify this demand, emphasizing the necessity for cost-effective, scalable solutions. Avonic’s entry, in partnership with Alphatec, strategically aligns with these trends, providing high-quality AV solutions tailored to diverse needs. Avonic’s PTZ cameras, acclaimed for reliability, pristine image quality, and low-latency technology, position it to effectively meet India’s evolving market demands.

Talking about the partnership with Alphatec, Martijn van Bodegom, COO, AVONIC said, “At AVONIC, we recognize the paramount importance of selecting a reliable partner when venturing into new markets. Our collaboration with Alphatec underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled support and guidance throughout the customer journey. With shared values of dedication, expertise, and excellence, we are confident that our entry into the Indian market, alongside Alphatec, will not only enhance customer satisfaction but also propel Avonic’s brand presence across the APAC region”.

Devasis Barkataki, Founder and Managing Director, Alphatec, said, “At Alphatec, our collaboration with Avonic represents a significant step forward, enhancing our capabilities in the audiovisual industry. This partnership reflects our dedication to offering top-tier products and support to our customers, solidifying our standing among System Integrators, AV consultants, and end users. We aim to establish Avonic as the top choice, renowned for its superior product quality in the Indian market. Together, we are committed to providing comprehensive and reliable solutions, and elevating Avonic’s brand presence.”

AVONIC will competitively price its products/services in the Indian market, aligning with local pricing norms while ensuring unmatched quality and after-sales support.

AVONIC’s product range includes a variety of PTZ Cameras and AI tracking software designed to cater to the diverse needs of consumers. Among the featured products are:

1. CM93 Series

Most versatile PTZ camera from Avonic, CM93 delivers 4K Ultra HD output at 60fps. Designed for fixed installations, the CM93 comes with 30x zoom in 4K and 50x zoom in Full HD while setting a new standard in ultra-low latency video over IP. The new standard in 4K PTZ cameras boasts a 59.2°-degree wide-angle lens and simultaneous HDMI 2.0, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0, and IP stream outputs. The high-quality Sony CMOS sensor with HDR support has the ability to deliver pristine image quality, even under low and challenging light conditions. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom your way into outstanding high-quality 4K video content with Avonic’s CM93-IP PTZ Camera. Optionally available in versions with Dante AV-H or NDI|HX2 and NDI|HX3 in the colors black and white. It also offers a tracking license based on AI, it effortlessly and autonomously tracks your presenter’s every move with unparalleled precision.

2. CM70 Series

Equipped with cutting-edge features, including concurrent HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0, and IP stream ethernet outputs, including NDI®|HX support, CM70 cameras redefine versatility and performance. It captures every detail in stunning Full HD resolution, delivering a mesmerizing 1920x1080p60 image quality. Designed exclusively for fixed installations, these cameras are your go-to solution for ultimate image power. Elevate your visual experience and unleash the potential of high-quality PTZ cameras with the CM70 series. The CM70 series delivers outstanding quality under low light conditions, thanks to its high SNR CMOS sensor and have the lowest latency in the market. The CM70 series cameras come with 3 different lenses. Use the CM71 for wider shots in smaller rooms, the 12x wide-angle is ideal in smaller spaces. The CM70 is the do-it-all camera and works well in most scenarios with its 20x zoom. For longer distances, choose the CM73 with its 30x zoom.

3. CM22-VCU

The Avonic CM22-VCU boasts a 4K, wide angle lens up to 120 degrees FOV that makes sure you can capture all attendees. Its smart automatic and fully user configurable modes guarantee crystal clear video even under the most challenging light conditions. Built in user configurable dual microphones allow for easy audio capture. A true integration product with a discrete design and mount developed for PRO-AV installations. It can be easily mounted either on top of or below a screen for optimal line of sight during a meeting. The mount can be used in combination with modern thin-bezel screens.

AI Tracking Software

Avonic offers a complete range of tracking solutions ranging from single-camera setups to multi-camera systems. Avonic offers versatile options to meet the diverse needs of educational institutions, large conferencing, corporate businesses and governments. This page gives you an overview of the features and benefits of Avonic’s tracking solutions.

1. Single-Camera Tracking
Our Single Camera Tracking License is designed to unlock the exceptional tracking capabilities of our versatile 4K60 PTZ cameras, the CM93 series. Harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, this revolutionary Single Camera Tracking solution takes your tracking experience to new heights. Bid farewell to manual adjustments. Once the tracking feature is enabled on our CM93 camera, it effortlessly and autonomously tracks your presenter’s every move with unparalleled precision. Every intricate detail is captured seamlessly, providing you with the utmost convenience and accuracy during lectures, video recordings, or engaging with your audience.

2. AI Multi-Camera Tracking Software
The CamDirector® Teacher Tracker is AI software that tracks the teacher with PTZ cameras resulting in an automatic multi-camera registration of lectures. The software is trained to detect a single speaker in a room with students. When the speaker is found, a mix of close-up shots and overview shots are presented on the output. In any other case, an overview shot is presented. By using the power of two cameras, the system offers an unprecedented reliability. Tracking takes place in both the overview and follow camera. The software includes a preset switcher with multiple cameras. The teacher or room operator has the option to visually select a preset, e.g. a demonstration, blackboard or the audience. The AI takes care of the camera movement and video switching.


  • Autonomously finds the teacher
  • Reliable tracking with 2 cameras
  • Switches between overview and close-up shot
  • Add additional cameras for preset switching
  • Configured in 15 minutes