3BF launches a dozen ad films with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for Bikaji

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BikajiMumbai, October 3, 2023: 3BF, one of the leading mainline advertising agencies has launched a dozen films featuring none other than the legendary Mr Amitabh Bachchan for India’s favourite snacking partner Bikaji Foods International Ltd.

In the third series its most loved and successful campaign ‘Amit ji loves Bikaji’, 3BF focuses on making Bikaji the most preferred snacking choice for today’s generation.

With this recent development, Deepak Agarwal, MD, Bikaji Foods International Ltd stated, “We have a long-standing relationship with 3BF, which has been our go-to agency from day one for Bikaji. Amit Ji loves Bikaji has remained a very well-known tagline amongst the audiences. We are sure they will successfully promote our new product range that transcends not just food categories but also international boundaries. The ad films deal with a wide range of diverse products such as special bhujias, sweets, nankeens, and frozen foods that can be served garma garam to our audiences. And just like every time, 3BF has delivered the ad films Garma Garam, leveraging Amit ji’s inimitable style and acting skills.”

Sagar Parikh, Managing Partner, 3 Brothers & Fils, “Amit ji has been the most perfect choice for Bikaji ever since the launch of the campaign with Amit ji loves Bikaji being our most cherished campaign. We are honoured to launch the third leg of our ‘Amit ji loves Bikaji’ series and are certain that it will garner loads of love for Bikaji, yet again. It’s always a matter of pride and pleasure to work for our favourite brand with our favourite superstar. Our sole aim was to present every product offering and range in an entertaining manner. I am sure the viewers will love all of them. And this third series will only add to the already built public affinity and equity for Bikaji at a global level.”

Continuing the tradition of Amit ji loves Bikaji, the series of TVCs showcases Amit ji eating and enjoying Bikaji snacks regardless of where he is or who he is with. On seeing Bikaji snacks, sweets, and savories, he gets excited just like a kid refusing to share his snack and sweets with anyone else.