4700BC extends its Snacking Portfolio; Launches Corn Chips+, the Future of Chips

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4700BC Corn chips+

New Delhi, India | February 2023: 4700BC, India’s mass premium snacking brand, continues its streak of disruption for the snacking category with the launch of the Corn Chips+. This revolutionary launch is set to be a game changer, thereby elevating the chips category to a whole new level. The tagline – Upgrade to the Future – reveals their desire to be a disruptor and provide people with a product that is crunchy, rich, and savory in every aspect.

Corn Chips+ is an upgrade over traditional chips in terms of health and flavor and hence is almost like a chip from the future. This innovative and ground-breaking Chip, made with 100% non-GMO corn, uses a unique popping process to create a light and crunchy texture that is nearly 60% lower in fat than traditional chips without sacrificing flavors.

The digital ad film for the campaign is another example of how bold and daring they have envisioned their work for Corn Chips+. With an interesting take on the future and chips, the film is crafted with 3D stills giving a strong message on the impending arrival of never hard futuristic Chip Product. The film has Mr. BC, their lead character, who plays a time traveler from the future and is here to warn the consumers about an irresistible range of chips.

Expressing delight at the new launch, Chirag Gupta, Founder at 4700BC said, “Who doesn’t love chips, but let’s be real, they usually aren’t the healthiest option. But we were fortunate to have come across a new age method of solving this problem, and with months of experimentation came together a product that we can now claim is the future of Chips – Corn Chips+. So, it’s time we upgrade to the future with this (MUCH) better chip.”

“This chip is a better chip! Such a done-to-death proposition, right? Remember, Chip is a saturated market filled with multiple age-old marketing communication. Looking at this, we should have worried, right? But, well, we got rather excited. The solution was – “Own the future.” A space no FMCG brand has had the guts to own. It’s just always been for the tech space. When it came to our film, we realized that expressing a ‘negative,’ even if it is trivial, is an engaging and compelling strategy since it makes the brand appear more honest, approachable, and human.” Head-Marketing, Abhishek Kumar also added.

Pioneering to scale the consumer’s taste buds, the bright and eye-catching packaging of the product offers a tasty, crunchy chip that appeals to consumers looking for healthier snack options. Changing the perception in the market, this launch sets a new standard for chips in the market.

The popped Corn Chips+ is not just a snack, but a bold and grand statement to make consumers feel good about snacking once again.