A clear Vision for “Fit for the Future, Building together” a theme for United Nations Peacekeepers Day was celebrated at Press Club of India.

UN Peacekeepers Day at Press Club of India

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30 May, 2024, New Delhi:

Phuro Innovations hosted its first Press Conference, explaining its clear vision for “Ecological Peace”, themed under “Fit for Future, Building Together” – on UN Peacekeepers Day at Press Club of India, New Delhi. There is no future without peace with Mother Earth. No future without ecological peace. The organization shared some innovative solutions, white papers, and solutions to Delhi’s AQI-related problems as well.

The organization also brought together people from different expert fields to celebrate and honor fallen Heroes and evoke the consciousness of Mahatma Gandhi, to recall the values of peace and its role in having a healthy society.

Rachna Sharma

With the capable leadership of Founder, Rachna Sharma, who has also been a founding member of Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, the press meet brought into focus the “Desperate need for an Institution which is futuristic in its approach and focused on making on ground implementation possible with clearly defined processes and goals.” This request is for the government to empower the Institution; a prototype of which has been shown with the help of the Venn diagram of Peace, the possibilities of Shared philosophies that could help fight climate-related issues in Unity.

No other superpower can help us. Our power is within us, it’s in the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi, which we have forgotten. The citizens of India have to take charge, the young people have to take charge Eg. The United Nations was established to stop world wars. However, if that is correct then there wouldn’t have been wars that continue till today. As a founder of Phuro Innovations, Rachna Sharma mentioned that “when I talk about Peace, I specifically talk about positive peace, which is attitudes, institutions, and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies”.

Mr. Melwyn Williams, Founder of Indian Diaspora mentioned the need to think about the future, retain talent, and allow people from multiple nationalities so we continue to nurture our young talent which we lose to other nations. Peace is important in societies; each one must work on natural abilities to contribute towards it.

Shri Anand Kumar, IAS, Former Secretary to the Government of India highlighted that we need to continue with the awareness and research to deliver pathbreaking prototypes. He mentioned it’s his dream to have a ” Net Zero” community in the world founded in India.

Shri Ajay Chaudhary, IPS, Special Commissioner of Police, Special Unit for Women and Children, Special Unit North East Region, honored the soldiers who participated in peacebuilding and paid tribute to unsung heroes who deserve to be noted for their contribution to maintaining peace. Peacekeepers are ambassadors of hope and resilience.

Shefali Khanna, Founder of Raahein Gharana, a social impact foundation added that the best way to talk about peace is via music, art, and literature. The cultural exchange between societies helps develop affinity and relativity when we revive our unattended heritage. She thinks intent is very important, and supports Phuro Innovations as she thinks it is building awareness on stabilizing the future.

Rachna Sharma also mentioned that we believe in harnessing green technology and creative solutions to address the challenges faced by ecological peacekeepers. Our initiatives aim to support their efforts and enhance their impact on the ground.

This year’s theme, “Fit for the Future, Building Better Together,” resonated deeply with Phuro Innovations, who wanted to request the government of India and the Press to prepare themselves to be fit for the future. For that, an Institution on Energy, Climate, and Space is required. If that happens that would be the biggest contribution to Ecological Peace.

Today peace with Mother Earth means World Peace. The press conference reflected education that can grow exponentially when understood and shared with humanity. Today we need collective action towards a more peaceful world.