A National Jute Board initiative for a plastic free world

A National Jute Board initiative for a plastic free world

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National Jute Board of India initiated an awareness campaign for a plastic free world on the eve of World Environment Day (5th June). The theme for this years’ World Environment Day is ONLY ONE EARTH. Our planet has been suffering majorly because of improper disposal of plastic waste which has been causing harm to the environment and biodiversity. At the current situation, annual plastic waste entering aquatic ecosystems could triple from 9-14 million tons in 2016 to 23-37 million tons by 2040. From 1950 to 2017, an estimated 9.2 billion tons of plastic was produced, 7 billion tons of which has become waste. Sustainability needs to be followed as a responsibility and various nations are fighting the menace. We have only been able to recycle 40% of the global plastic waste of the million tons that is generated annually.

National Jute Board has organized a special initiative “EK JUTE INDIA: Switch to Jute”, to make people of INDIA aware of environmental hazards caused by usage of plastics and to give them an environment friendly alternative as JUTE. NATIONAL JUTE BOARD OF INDIA is hosting “EK JUTE INDIA -Switch to Jute”, at Acropolis Mall of the city from 3rd-5th June (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Many fun activities have been scheduled to make the event interactive. The aim of the initiative is to motivate people to switch to jute. People can participate in Plastic blowing and bursting, Sack Race, Tug of War as they like. The winners will be gratified with Jute Products.

National Jute Board has also set up a white board around the stall area where people will be asked to come and scribble one line of pledge to switch to jute and sign. An event was also organized to celebrate the cause with a Baul performance which is very close to heart and soil. Everyone who signs and pledges was given a special jute badge as a sign of gratitude.

National Jute Board is offering environmentally friendly Jute made items that serve as alternatives of plastics that serve a one-time use. The motive behind the same is to urge people to implement use of Jute bags and other items in their daily activities rather than using plastic bags. They are urging people to avoid using single use plastics that may be offered to you. It is undeniable that plastics are alarmingly ubiquitous, and it is also an unfortunate fact that they present a colossal threat to the ecology. To make huge changes in your life can be a bit daunting, but taking these small steps in the right direction can pave the way to practice sustainability. Use of Jute products is also amongst them. EK JUTE INDIA is a simple hack that can help to save ourselves and our earth from additional plastic wastes.