Aashirvaad Polytube Hosts Grand Electricians’ Gathering, Launches Scratch Card Scheme

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Aashirvaad Polytube LLP, a distinguished entity within the Ambika Group, celebrated its longstanding commitment to the pipe industry by organizing a grand gathering for electricians. This event marked a significant milestone, bringing together a large number of professionals from the industry, and highlighting the company’s dedication to fostering strong relationships with its electrician partners.

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The gathering was a grand affair, where Aashirvaad Polytube introduced a unique and exciting scratch card scheme. This scheme aimed to reward electricians for their continued support and loyalty towards the company’s products. Ashish Sharma, a representative of Aashirvaad Polytube, elaborated on the initiative, stating, “We are thrilled to announce the distribution of scratch cards with our product bundles, including Double A$ conduit pipes, Sarathi, and Rudra PVC. These scratch cards offer our electrician partners a chance to win a variety of attractive prizes.”

During the event, numerous prizes were awarded to the lucky winners. The array of gifts included motorcycles, LED TVs, laptops, washing machines, mixer grinders, and smart watches. The excitement and joy among the electricians were palpable, as many walked away with valuable prizes, further cementing their trust and loyalty towards Aashirvaad Polytube’s products.

The success of the scratch card scheme was evident from the overwhelming response and enthusiasm shown by the electricians. Recognizing this, Aashirvaad Polytube has decided to relaunch the scratch card scheme, this time with even more attractive and high-value prizes. The new scheme promises to offer chances to win international trips, mobile phones, and other enticing rewards.

Ashish Sharma added, “The response from our electrician community has been incredibly positive. It motivates us to continue creating innovative and rewarding schemes that not only recognize their hard work but also encourage them to achieve more. The relaunch of our scratch card scheme is a testament to our commitment to providing the best for our partners.”

Aashirvaad Polytube’s initiative underscores the company’s focus on building and maintaining robust relationships with its stakeholders. By recognizing and rewarding the efforts of electricians, the company not only boosts morale but also enhances its brand loyalty and market presence.