Advise women: How to prepare for a Beauty Pageant

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Amrita Kaur (

Mrs Amrita Kaur- Chairperson, Bebe Nanki Ji NGO, and Param Jyot Foundation, Director of Sohni Punjaban

I’d like to share some fundamentals with young ladies looking for advice for our personality pageant preparation. Before I talk about how to prepare for the pageant I want to let every girl know that she is gorgeous, regardless of whether she wears makeup. Every girl has undoubtedly dreamt at some point in her life that she will wear a crown on her head one day, just like our recently crowned Miss World Manushi Chillar. No one can take away your to dream. Who wouldn’t want to be viewed as an inspiration by thousands of women? Some people make this a reality, while others wonder how to take that initial step in that direction.

Let’s learn the fundamentals of starting right in pageantry:

Creating a Personality-

You don’t need to ask anyone; simply accept your beauty. This is my daily mantra. I never allowed anyone to make me feel anything less than lovely. Then again! Between boasting and recognizing your beauty, there is a fine line. You should be aware that pageantry is about pleasing people and that boasting is disagreeable. Kindly perfect the art of making people smile.

Right nutrition-

Our bodies dislike being hungry.

To properly nourish our bodies, we must understand them. I advise against enrolling in any crash diet programs because they do long-term harm to your body.

Don’t just sit on the couch-

I know that sleeping in and lounging about is fine, but winning a personality pageant requires that you look well in the outfits you choose to wear on the ramp and project confidence to the other contestants and judges. But please don’t equate physical health with having a “Skinny Figure”. I’m just fit; I’m not slim.

Embrace Yoga’s Power-

You must maintain your composure in the hectic setting of a pageant. Any national or international pageant entails a lot of arguing, backbiting, scheduling grilling sessions, and late-night grooming. However, yoga will help you keep your composure and a smile on your face.

The act of dressing up-

Accessories and dresses go together.

Some women have an incredible eye for accessories. But I discovered the hard way that the issue cannot be solved by simply wearing a wristwatch with your clothing; you also need to take a close look at your ears, hair, neck, fingers, and nails. I went to Google Mata and discovered how to decorate various gowns. The fashion for accessorizing is ever-evolving, and so will the trend for altering your look.

The Art of High Heels Walking-

Well, whether you like it or not, the pageant industry does use heels. The worst part is that even a woman who is 6.5 feet tall will wear a 6-inch shoe! To ensure that you never feel uncomfortable wearing high heels, please invest in a comfortable pair and start practising right away.