Aeris Communications, India announced as Associate Partner for the IET India Future Tech Congress 2022


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Bengaluru: IET India announces Aeris Communications India Pvt. Ltd. as the Associate Partner for their 2-day annual flagship conference – the IET Future Tech Congress 2022. A global leader in IoT solutions & services, the firm connects communities, creates positive social impact, and brings smart solutions to some of the world’s most challenging environments through the use of connected and advanced technologies such as IoT & AI. This synergic partnership is likely to pave the way for an enriching journey of technological innovation and transformation through the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the respective fields.

Shekhar Sanyal, Country Head and Director, IET India expresses, “We are pleased to announce Aeris Communications, India as the associate partner for our flagship event, the Future Tech Congress. The IET Future Tech Congress was launched with the idea of facilitating exchange of knowledge and ideas on emerging technologies to build future-forward solutions. Through this partnership, we hope to encourage the construction of a futurescape for tomorrow’s customers and their demands by encouraging new ideas and innovative recommendations.”

Aeris Communications, India provides a range of services around Connectivity, Connected IoT solutions & Services, Performance as well as Support management systems by leveraging the potential of IoT devices, applications, and programs in order to realise their aim of creating global social impact.

“With their focus areas in synergy with that of the IET Future Tech Congress 2022, we are excited to have them on board as Associate Partner”, says Suman Bhowmick, Events Development & Project Head – South Asia, The IET. “We look forward to engaging with the team through many more initiatives in the future as well,” he adds.

Speaking about the collaboration, Dr Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar Chairman, IET Future Tech Panel; President, Aeris Communications, India says, “At Aeris, we strongly believe that connected technologies, such as IoT & AI will have a profound- long-term and positive impact on the world. From bridging the power accessibility gap to improving patient care to preserving our natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint – intelligent IoT networks, Solutions & Services have the potential to drive wide-reaching transformation across sectors. Our mission of “IoT for Good’ greatly aligns with the IET’s core values, and we are excited to be partnering with them for the Future Tech Congress. We are confident that this partnership will further our shared vision of creating a connected society and driving digital transformation for problem-solving on a global scale”

The IET Future Tech Congress 2022 will highlight emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, 5G and Digital Twin in multiple sectors: Healthcare, Manufacturing, Fintech, Supply Chain & Logistics, Mobility, Sustainability and more. There will be distinctive use cases, stimulating leadership panels, high-octane debates and spotlight sessions on topics such the use of the Human Twin in diagnostics, the opportunity for India with Web 3.0 and Metacommerce, the impact of Internet of Behaviour, Microfactories, Threat detection in a VUCA world and more. In the present age of technological development, especially with Industry 4.0 influencing businesses across verticals, the given topics will provide ample insight into how each can be leveraged to attain maximum benefits. FTC aims to address the future of customer service and consumer understanding by exploring the ways in which AI & IoT are transforming the functioning of factories and how Digital Twin technology is ready to revolutionise the healthcare industry. Additionally, the event will also include specific sectors where these technologies will play a role in enhancing customer experience, such as the deployment of blockchain technology and NFTs to enhance supply chain activities.

The event is conceptualised and curated by the team that built the IoT India Congress, a flagship event conceptualised by the IET’s IoT India Panel, since 2016, The event focussed on bringing IoT to the mainstream – unleashing its potential for industry innovation and increased business value. With 4 successful editions, 350+ speakers, and 5000 attendees (72% CXOs and decision makers from over 20 industries) participating every year, it was among the top tech conferences for digital technology stakeholders in Asia.

With widespread adoption of IoT in the digital era, the panel expanded focus to accommodate a wider range of emerging technologies beyond IoT, such as AI, blockchain and Digital Twins, and re-imagined IoT India Congress in its new avatar – the IET Future Tech Congress (FTC).

The event is designed to act as a roadmap for businesses to become future-ready and will explore the many challenges and opportunities that these future technologies present in understanding the demands of tomorrow.

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