After Ransomware Disruption, Hospital Turns to Check Point Infinity Global Services to Recover and Build Cyber Resilience

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Check Point logoWhen a renowned Asian hospital was crippled by a ransomware attack, the immediate focus shifted from patient care to a cyber-strategy discussion. The nightmare that ensued revealed vulnerabilities, stressed resources, and created a chaotic environment, compromising both patient data and trust.

This hospital is not alone. As an essential industry with troves of highly sensitive medical data, it is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. In the first half of 2023, Check Point Research found that healthcare attacks increased 18% with healthcare organizations experiencing 1,634 cyber-attacks per week, on average. In fact, healthcare ranks as the third most attacked industry and the 5th most impacted industry by ransomware.

As Global CISO at Check Point Software, Cindi Carter explains, “In healthcare, cyber-attacks can have ramifications beyond financial loss and breach of privacy. With a ransomware attack such as this, the loss of access to patient data can put lives at risk.”

The Turning Point
In the midst of a crisis, the hospital called the Check Point Infinity Global Services (IGS) team. IGS led a strategic one-hour advisory session to analyze the critical gaps and needs. By pinpointing exactly where the vulnerabilities lay, IGS was able to understand the hospital’s needs and recommended a cybersecurity analysis and assessment to reveal the root cause, identify cyber risks and threats, and design gaps.

Realizing the need for a comprehensive strategy, the hospital decided to move forward with the Gold Tier package, designed to not only solve the immediate crisis but to secure its future. Here’s how it works:

  • Assess – We will initiate a focused Assessment Workshop to zero in on the loopholes and identify actionable insights for security enhancements.
  • Optimize – Through Professional Services Consulting, we will fine-tune existing security systems and policies for maximum effectiveness.
  • Master – To empower the workforce, we will conduct a Security Awareness training program, covering thousands of seats, and provide Learning Credits for ongoing education.
  • Respond – We will offer an Incident Response subscription to ensure that, should another crisis arise, the hospital will be equipped to manage it efficiently.

The Expected Results

Upon implementation, the hospital can expect:

  • An increase in overall security compliance
  • Faster response to security incidents
  • Enhanced workforce awareness of cybersecurity
  • A significant enhancement in customer trust

The story of this hospital is a testament to the resilience and strength that comes from partnership. IGS is not merely a services provider, rather it is a committed ally in navigating the treacherous waters of increasing cybersecurity challenges.

“As we journey through the complex landscape of cybersecurity, it is not just about avoiding pitfalls, but about turning every challenge into an opportunity for improvement and resilience,” says Evgeny Kogan, Head of Strategic Consulting at Check Point.