An audience of 5 million+ was reached out to create awareness for women’s safety and self-defense with Impower’s latest campaign

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New Delhi, 2 March 2023: Impower, a women’s safety and self-defense brand recently launched a social campaign #MustCarryOne to bring focus on women’s safety and encourage them to take their safety in their own hands. The campaign also introduced a series of educational self-defense videos on YouTube that everyone must watch to learn basic self-defense techniques to feel more confident when stepping out.

This campaign was done in collaboration with 200+ micro-influencers across multiple cities in India, and engaged with 5 million+ people online, including 2 million+ views on the self-defense videos.

Women still feel unsafe when traveling alone, staying later out for work or a party. Even while taking public transport in daily life they have to be cautious and take prevention. While we can hope for things to change, we still need to be responsible for our own safety. Impower offers a Self-Defense Pepper Spray that can be used in case you are being attacked by an assailant without providing permanent injury to the person. It causes severe burning sensation to the eyes and nose for about 45 minutes giving you time to run for safety.

Impower also offers a free online video series that teach basic self-defense techniques that can be used in case of a threatening situation. These videos have been made in collaboration with Cuttlefish, a leading self-defense training company.

The videos can be seen here:


Some of the techniques taught include:

Self-defense using body parts
Self-defense using everyday objects
Staying alert and safe in small spaces
Staying safe in public transport
Self-defense using locks, chokes, and strikes

Impwer also conducts self-defense workshops for girls and women in educational institutions and corporates to learn basic techniques of self-defense. Impower also conducts these workshops for underprivileged women through the Sirona Hygiene Foundation.

Impower is the women safety brand under Sirona, a leading FemTech brand in India that offers innovative period, intimate, and toilet hygiene products.

Anika Wadhera, Head of Marketing, Sirona, said “Unfortunately, women safety is still a major concern in the world. Being India’s leading FemTech brand dedicated to improving female lives, we feel a sense of responsibility towards the subject. With the Impower Campaign, we aim to equip women with the necessary tools and techniques required to be able to protect themselves. The Impower Pepper Spray is one such tool and the series of self-defense videos teach basic safeguarding tips that may come in handy in threatening situations. Collaborating with micro-influencers helped us reach a large audience of over 5 million people and make the campaign a success.”