Ankura Hospital conducts a Post Menopause Health Camp for women

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Ankura Hospital Hyderabad: 28 October 2023: Ankura Hospital , a premier women and child care hospital observed the World Osteoporosis Day at L.B. Nagar Unit by conducting ‘Post Menopause Health Camp for women along with a free Osteoporosis Detection Drive’ for elderly patients. Specific interactive sessions by eminent doctors from Ankura Hospital – Dr. Satyashri, Dr. Nirmala, and Dr. Sitaram were organized to educate the elder women on Menopause – the health risks post menopause and the steps to be taken to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Besides, a session on Yoga Relaxation Techniques and Nutrition Advise was also organized to improve the overall wellbeing of elder women.

Women are faced with unique post-Menopausal health challenges as they age significantly giving rise to the risk of Osteoporosis, Diabetes and Cancer. A regular health checkup, an active and disciplined lifestyle and a cautious approach to diet are essential to lead a healthy life post menopause. To sensitize the elderly women about ‘Self Care for a healthy life’ post menopause, Ankura Hospital organized a 3-day long health check-up camp from 24-26th October 2023. The comprehensive health check-up package for post-menopausal women was developed to include all the necessary diagnostic tests, consultations from gynaecologists, cardiologists and nutritionists. The comprehensive package was at a price of Rs 4999 per person. Additionally, on 26th October, a free bone density test was done for elderly women to detect the risk of Osteoporosis and counsel them on prevention and care.

Speaking about the camp Dr. T. Srinidhi, Medical Director of Ankura Hospital for Women and Child Care, LB Nagar said, “We are proud to organize this Post Menopausal health check-up camp at LB Nagar. We are truly overwhelmed with the response of the common people. This camp is designed to ensure that elder women and their families realize the importance of these periodic checkups to prevent life threatening diseases in women. We have also organized specially curated sessions by our Doctors and Nutritionists to educate women to take care of their health and nutrition post menopause. Through this camp we wish to inform people that early detection, helps in better treatment and less pain to the elder women.”

According to Dr. Krishna Prasad Rao Vunnam, Founder and Managing Director of Ankura Hospital for Women and Child Care said, “The ageing women face a lot of health challenges in the post-menopausal stage of life, giving rise to the risk of varied health issues like diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis. Women mostly ignore these health risks. We at Ankura Hospital, are committed to the well-being of women and hence have organized this camp on post-menopause health checkup to encourage them to prioritize ‘Self Care’ and enlighten their family to get the vital tests done periodically to detect the critical ailments early and ensure a healthy, pain free and happy life for their loved ones.“