BenQ India Introduces Next Generation SW272U Pro-Photography & Videography Monitor, Elevating Photography and Creative Work

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Mumbai, August 8th, 2023: BenQ, a leading provider of advanced display technology solutions, has launched the highly anticipated SW272U professional photographers’ monitor. Designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of professional photographers, videographers, and creative professionals, this monitor offers an exceptional combination of color accuracy, resolution, and connectivity.

The BenQ SW272U display is equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure that photographers and creative individuals get the very best out of their photos and creations. The A.R.T (Advanced Reflectionless Technology) display guarantees color excellence, providing a wide color gamut that covers 99% of Adobe RGB, 99% of P3, and 100% of sRGB color spaces. With Delta E ≤ 1.5 and BenQ ICC sync, this monitor delivers accurate and vibrant color reproduction, enabling professionals to showcase their work with unparalleled precision. The Monitor comes with a Factory Calibration report and supports Hardware Calibration through Palette Master Ultimate, BenQ’s proprietary software for hardware calibration.

Mr. Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ South Asia said “We are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated SW272U monitor to the photography professionals in the Indian market. This incredible monitor has been carefully designed to meet the precise needs of photographers, videographers, and creative individuals. With its exceptional color accuracy, impressive resolution, and innovative features, we firmly believe that the SW272U will revolutionize professionals’ work and creative processes. The monitor exemplifies our unwavering dedication to delivering advanced solutions that empower professionals to realize their artistic vision with unmatched precision and brilliance.”

The SW272U monitor offers superb color accuracy to fulfill all photography-related work. The SW272U boasts a UHD (Ultra High Definition) resolution. With a 10-bit color depth and innovative technologies like Paper Color Sync and AQ color tech, BenQ has achieved unparalleled color performance beyond industry standards.

This monitor is equipped with an accessory, shading hood (landscape & portrait), and AGLR (Anti-Glare and Low Reflection) panel, that simulates paper texture on-screen and provides an ideal viewing experience. The fine-coated panel ensures precise soft-proofing, and the PIP/PBP functions allow users to work with two different windows simultaneously.

In terms of connectivity, the SW272U offers expanded options with USB Type-C connectivity, allowing direct input from compatible PCs and laptops. It is also embedded with SD Card Reader to allow seamless connectivity with your cameras. The monitor provides a maximum power delivery of 90W, ensuring convenience and efficiency. It also comes with wireless Hotkey Puck G3, a total-solution tool for color-critical professionals that enables easier color-accuracy management at the reach of your hand.

To further guarantee color accuracy, BenQ PhotoVue monitors have earned Calman Verified, Pantone, and Pantone SkinTone Validated status. These certifications appeal to professionals who appreciate products that faithfully reproduce real-world colors.

As an added bonus, BenQ is pleased to announce a partnership with Pantone Connect. Users who have purchased or already own any of the PD/SW products are eligible for a one-year FREE Pantone Connect Premium subscription, valid until September 30, 2023. Pantone Connect is a powerful platform that enables designers to access Pantone Color Libraries, color values, and navigation tools.