Biophore to manufacture indigenous ingredients of Pfizer’s COVID drug

Hyderabad, January 19, 2022: Biophore India Pharmaceuticals has today announced that they have developed and started manufacturing the key intermediates of Nirmatrelvir, one of the active ingredients of Paxlovid, the latest anti-COVID therapy, approved by the US FDA through the emergency use authorisation route. The manufacturing is being done in collaboration with Rakshit Group. This is expected to greatly reduce the dependence on imports, mainly from China, from where these intermediates are being procured currently. Biophore is also manufacturing Nirmatrelvir in a US FDA compliant facility and has announced that they will be filing for approval with DCGI soon.

Paxlovid’s breakthrough approval was given by the US FDA in Dec 2021 and is indicated for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults and paediatric patients as well and in those who are at high risk of progression to severe levels. It was the first oral pill that has been approved by US FDA and with a better safety profile than subsequently approved oral therapies. It is available in a co-pack of Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir Tablets.

Dr. Jagadeesh Babu Rangisetty, CEO at Biophore, says, “The development and manufacturing of these intermediates are extremely complex and is significantly more challenging than earlier antivirals that have been indicated for COVID. We have developed the intermediates that are required for the manufacturing of this product from basic raw materials and have the manufacturing capabilities in place to produce high volumes, to the scale of multi tons, catering to Indian as well as global markets. As and when the product gets approved in India, we can ensure that the manufacturers of this product can be self-reliant from within India itself and not be dependent on imports, which can be tricky in terms of control of quality and supply”

 Mr. Rameswara Rao Chandana, Chairman of Rakshit Group, says, “Rakshit Group’s subsidiary, Sainor Laboratories, is the largest manufacturer of Lithium HMDS in India with a capacity of 500 MT per month and has the facilities to handle cryogenic reactions. Manufacturing of these intermediates require extreme temperatures and large volumes of Lithium reagents and with the above infrastructure that we have, we are well placed to ensure that the requirements for the market can be met locally. With a strong partner such as Biophore, we believe this is a perfect synergy to get these products to the market quickly”