Bosch SDS Partners with Rightware to Accelerate Next-Generation Automotive User Experience And HMI


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India, June 2022: Bosch SDS and Rightware announced a partnership that will enable Automotive OEMs to rapidly design and realize next-generation user experiences. The partnership will combine HMI services using the Kanzi toolchain and Bosch HMI Center of Excellence’s engineering and global delivery capabilities.

Rightware is one of the leading providers of automotive graphics software tools, with a global footprint. The Bosch HMI CoE has rich experience in UX and HMI software engineering for multiple domains – automotive instrument clusters, infotainment systems, convergence systems, HUD, RSE systems in cockpit and other multimedia products for premium OEMs worldwide. Rightware is one of the leading providers of automotive graphics software tools, with a global footprint. The partnership with Rightware will position Bosch HMI CoE to cater to the multi-billion global automotive HMI market which is projected to continue its growth trajectory.

Bosch HMI Center of Excellence will provide end-to-end UX/HMI for developing Intuitive and Natural User Experiences for various Bosch business units and global clients. This partnership will enable Bosch SDS to use Rightware’s Kanzi toolchain to design and engineer automotive HMI-UX projects.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Andreas Wolter, Regional Sales Head – Europe, Bosch SDS said, “We are excited about this partnership with Rightware and the opportunity to enhance user experience and solidify the automotive vision. The relationship between humans and machines is constantly evolving. Companies are finding ways to effectively use engineering discipline with human experience and develop UX to bring out creative and intuitive applications. This partnership will enable us to co-create solutions and help the OEMs deliver a superior competitive edge in the rapidly growing market. Bosch SDS has deep expertise in supporting customers globally and talking about this strategic move, we look forward to establishing a new standard for the automotive industry.”

“Bosch SDS is a welcome addition to our vibrant ecosystem. This partnership will help automakers improve the customer experience with highly customized user interfaces,” said Derek Sellin, Vice President of Marketing and Head of The Kanzi Partner Program, Rightware. “As an early adopter of Kanzi One, the all-in-one HMI toolchain for the advanced intelligent cockpit, Bosch SDS is well equipped to harness its expertise in UX and HMI software engineering to ensure automotive brands stand out with their own Signature UI.”

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