BPOM’S (B. P. Oil Mills) Hathi brand: Delivering Quality Mustard Oil in India for over 100 Years

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[New Delhi, July 7, 2023] –

BPOM, a pioneer and leader in the Mustard Oil sector in India, proudly celebrates its remarkable success in providing premium quality mustard oil through its flagship brand, Hathi, for over a century. Since its inception in 1912, BPOM has continuously served the Indian market, establishing Hathi Mustard Oil as the trusted choice for discerning consumers.


Over the course of 100 years, BPOM has remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional products. The combination of traditional production methods and cutting-edge technology has enabled us to maintain an unrivaled position in the mustard oil industry. By blending the wisdom of the past with the advancements of the present, BPOM ensures that Hathi Mustard Oil continues to set the standard for excellence.

“At BPOM, we take immense pride in the legacy of Hathi Mustard Oil, which has been successfully nourishing Indian households for over a century,” says Raghav Bhagat, President of BPOM. “Our commitment to delivering the highest quality mustard oil, sourced from the finest farms in India, remains unwavering. We are grateful for the trust and loyalty of our customers, who have made Hathi Mustard Oil an integral part of their culinary traditions.”

Hathi Mustard Oil has garnered positive reviews from satisfied customers, including Neelam Sharma, a housewife, and Mithlesh Pal, a working woman. Neelam Sharma shares, “I have been using Hathi Oil for many years now, and it has never failed to impress me. The aroma and taste it adds to my dishes are simply unmatched. I trust Hathi Mustard Oil to provide the best for my family’s health and well-being.”

Mithlesh Pal, a working woman, adds, “As a working professional, I value convenience and quality. Hathi Mustard Oil has been my go-to choice for its purity and versatility. It enhances the flavors of my cooking effortlessly, giving me the assurance of serving nutritious meals to my loved ones. Hathi Mustard Oil is truly a reliable companion in my busy lifestyle.”

Throughout our journey, our customers have remained our top priority. Their unwavering trust and support have driven us to continually improve our products to better meet their evolving needs. BPOM takes great pride in the enduring relationship we have established with our valued customers, making Hathi Mustard Oil an integral part of their households for generations.

Hathi Mustard Oil, India’s leading and oldest edible oil brand, embodies the essence of quality and reliability. Its distinct sinus-stimulating aroma and remarkable taste have made it a staple ingredient in kitchens across the nation. Beyond its culinary excellence, Hathi Mustard Oil offers a plethora of health benefits, making it an indispensable remedy for various ailments.

One of the hallmarks of Hathi Mustard Oil is the rigorous double filtration process implemented during its production. This meticulous approach ensures that our customers receive 100% pure mustard oil, devoid of any additives. This commitment to purity and quality sets Hathi Mustard Oil apart, providing our customers with an unparalleled culinary experience.

BPOM proudly upholds its legacy of delivering premium quality mustard oil through its acclaimed brand, Hathi. With over a century of success, we continue to innovate while preserving our rich heritage, ensuring that the Indian market continues to experience the finest mustard oil available.