Brand Raga: Pioneering Digital Marketing with Behavioral Science Expertise

25th January 2024, NATIONAL: Brand Raga, a leading digital marketing agency founded in 2016 utilises behavioural marketing strategies to enable its clients to comprehend their clientele in developing the appropriate product line, uniquely catering to their specific customer base.

Brand Raga, with an experienced team of behavioural science experts, assist brands across a plethora of domains in envisioning contextual marketing schemes via the use of behavioural psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics to inspire consumers to provide industrial insights for effective marketing campaigns.[1]

The advent of technological advancements in today’s world has paved the way for the integration of digitalisation into a plethora of industries, ranging from automobiles, logistics, and education, to communications, advertising, and marketing. The marketing landscape has altered drastically over recent years – particularly with the amalgamation of tools such as social media and artificial intelligence. It becomes all the more imperative for businesses to closely comprehend a customer’s behaviours, ongoing consumer trends, and additional user behaviour to develop marketing strategies and further enhance their understanding of consumer engagement patterns.

With the ever-increasing access to technology, digital marketing becomes a prominent tool for businesses to leverage behavioural trends of their customer base in radicalising their marketing campaigns through extensive research of consumer trends by analysing user behaviour through social media and search engines and further improve their audience segmentation to target a specific consumer base. The expansion of the digital marketing industry, owing to its comprehensive modern-day tools is evident through its exponential growth, valued at a staggering US$ 5,118 million in 2023, and is projected to grow to US$ 55,372 million by 2032.[2]

Mr. Shiv Mamadapur, founder and CEO of Brand Raga, notes, “Digital marketing has witnessed an immense growth over the past few years, and is estimated to grow by over ten times within the next decade. With the help of behavioural scientists, Brand Raga offers its industrial expertise to brands in assessing their needs, analysing their existing challenges, recommend appropriate resources, and assist businesses in executing successful campaigns.”

With the ever-evolving technology and the immense growth of social media dictating the lives of today’s generation, a comprehensive analysis of consumer behavioural insights becomes significant to tap into the right consumer by opting for a consumer-centric approach and developing thoroughly researched and more personalised marketing campaigns.