Bridal Lehengas for a Cozy Winter Wedding

Bridal Lehengas

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Bridal Lehengas for a Cozy Winter Wedding

Aaliya Deeba, founder of Ideebs London, a Couture Label

While the bridal fashion style world is thriving with elective outfit thoughts, with regard to the gigantic Indian weddings, there is in no way like an alluring lehenga choli. Rich yet stylish, lehengas are potentially the most dazzling clothing for the lady of the hour to wear on her big day. Indeed, the colder time of year month is measurably the most un-famous season for marriage. However, as a general rule, the colder time of year wedding is genuinely surprising.

The whole season Is loaded up with a feeling of charm and captivation. Furthermore, the celebratory soul around special times of the year can carry a feeling of fellowship to your important day. In the event that you are contemplating the colder time of year chills and are returning to the stage to dress like a diva at your wedding. Sit back and relax, you are at the right stop for snatching the colder time of year wedding thoughts that will assist you with acing your design game for your D-day!

Have a look at these Winter Wedding Lehengas (fabric and style)


Silk textures are intended to keep you warm and subsequently are one of the best textures for winter weddings. You can enhance a silk lehenga with decorated plans as your winter wedding dress and kill in solace and style.


On the off chance that you are not of the assessment to spend a lot on silk texture, glossy silk is another best option. It is smooth, doesn’t tingle the skin, and falls well since it is additionally lightweight. Silk lehengas are their very own delight, and enhance you with an eminent look, without settling on the quality.


Velvet will be velvet-lofty, rich, and complex. Velvet is perhaps the best texture that will make you faint in solace and stylish style. The richness of a velvet lehenga is unparalleled for winter weddings. Velvet looks smart in shades like blue, peacock blue, wine red, and so forth. These are one of the top-picked conceals selected by ladies.

Full Sleeved Blouse

A blouse with a full sleeve on a lehenga for a winter wedding can be a rescuer from the super virus. A full-sleeved shirt looks perfect on all body types. You have the freedom to go for differentiating conceals for pullovers as per your lehenga.


Rather than the typical blouse, have a go at wearing a midriff-length jacket that clearly works out positively for the lehenga and keeps you warm. Not really a denim jacket, yet an ethnic one in a differentiating or comparative shade that will coordinate impeccably with the lehenga and look beautiful. You might facilitate your husband-to-be’s outfit concealment for your jacket.

Double Dupatta

The prettiest pattern is of matching the lehenga with double dupattas that in a flash, emphasize a lady’s look. They are without a doubt a feature of the outfit. Ladies will generally pick their wedding lehenga relying upon the dupatta. This won’t just save you from freezing yet additionally decorate you with stunning clothing for the colder time of year wedding.