Britannia’s 1947% More History Campaign is an ode to India’s living freedom fighters

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BritanniaAugust 2023: Britannia’s legacy in India spans over 106 years, its roots and history firmly rooted in Indian soil. On the 77th anniversary of the country’s Independence, Britannia’s‘1947% More History’ campaign is an ode to an entire generation of freedom fighters and to the very few living freedom fighters we have amongst us today.

In today’s times, where deep discounts of 45%, and 65%, and sales have taken center stage on key days, Britanniachose unpacks ‘1947% more history’ innovatively through technology and brings it alive using its packs as the medium. The stories are delivered through augmented reality on the packs of its more popular brands like Britannia Breads, Good Day, Marie Gold, Milk Bikis, and Winkin’ Cow beverages.

The campaign promise is simple. Listen to the stories of a few of India’s last living freedom fighters, directly from them, brought to you on your favorite Britannia packs. Simply click and enjoy the incredible experience through Augmented Reality.

This campaign captures the essence of Britannia’s commitment to India’s collective history, society, and rich heritage. Through a process of research along with a content partner, Britannia was honored to tell the stories of 5 nonagenarians from across the country- Shrimati Leela tai, Lt. Asha Sahay, Lt. R Madhavan, Lakshmi Krishnan Agvl. & Shri Gour Hari Das.

The campaign film uses Generative AI technology to portray rich visuals of the freedom movement and recreate the younger profiles of the 5 protagonist freedom fighters whose stories have been told by themselves. The campaign was conceptualised by Talented Agency and executed in partnership with Rooted Films and Pixel Party.

Talking about the campaign, Amit Doshi, CMO, BritanniaIndustries Ltd. said, “As one of India’s centurion companies, we feel proud of our history that witnessed the birth of India’s freedom and further followed its incredible rise to becoming an economic superpower. As a company with a 106-year-old heritage, it is our privilege to bring alive some incredible stories of how our freedom was won, and we decided to use technology to do so through our packs.”

He added, “These inspiring stories of India’s few living freedom fighters, come alive through an AR experience that can be triggered with a range of Britannia products found in every home. History is in our fridge, our kitchen shelves, and now we’ll hear it speak to us. By celebrating these heroes, we unite around the power of resilience, compassion, and courage. This campaign is not just about history; it’s about understanding our identity and cherishing the values that define us as a nation.”

About the campaign Sandipan Deb, Creative at Talentedsaid, “When we look back at how far India has come, it’s hard not to feel a sense of absolute awe and pride. But 77 years after the struggle, it’s natural to take our freedom for granted. Independence Day has been reduced to a day filled with retail offers. There’s no sentimental value anymore. We wanted to change that – and if there’s one brand that has the stature and legacy to do this, it is Britannia. Brut India, Rooted Films, and Pixel Party have been amazing collaborators to make this campaign come alive. We hope every time we sit down to drink chai with Marie Gold or make a sandwich, we think of our country, even if it’s for a second, and the brave people who selflessly fought for us.”

Campaign Credits

Britannia Industries

• Chief Marketing Officer – Amit Doshi
• Head Digital Marketing & PR – Dipti Sudhir
• Brand Manager – Pavanshu Aggarwal
• Digital Manager – Prabakaran K
• PR Manager – Vignesh Shankar
• E-Com Manager – Utkrishat Vineet

Team Talented

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Brut India:

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