Chingari And Bolt Global Team Up To Bring India’s Leading Content Creators Onto Social TV

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Bengaluru, 13th July 2023: Across the rise and peak of web2 platforms, content creators have learned that it’s their imagination and work upon which a platform’s success relies.

Any benefits have been greatly skewed towards the operator on web2, rather than the creator. So it’s no surprise that as the digital world transitions into web3, platforms are emerging that offer a much fairer deal to the millions of people who are developing that amazing content.

Leading the charge are Chingari and Bolt+. Both platforms are tightly focused on building a sustainable creator economy that benefits everyone fairly. Platforms upon which creators can build a community, a content catalogue to be proud of, and a genuine career.

Chingari is one of India’s biggest rising social stars, offering a social, short-form video platform that’s supercharged with a vibrant web3 ecosystem. With more than 50 million users and boasting over 1.6 billion views, it topped the Indian download charts and provided a home to the country’s biggest creators, along with their huge communities of fans.

Bolt has approached social content from a different angle. Bolt+ is a web3 content-sharing platform with a smart TV app that’s pre-installed on over 8 million TVs, a self-custody BoltX digital asset wallet, and its own EVM-compatible media-focused blockchain, BoltChain. Combined with the BoltOS toolset, content creators have everything they need to launch, operate, and earn from their very own interactive TV channels.

“A partnership between Chingari and Bolt was an easy choice,” says Sumit Ghosh, CEO and co-founder at Chingari. “We share a lot of the core values, not least of them being a fair and sustainable economy for content creators. So we’re kickstarting our partnership by launching a Chingari TV channel on Bolt+. This new social TV experience allows us to bring some of India’s most popular and prolific content creators to television for the first time.”

Legions of fans, who are already using the Chingari mobile app, can now watch their favourite creators on the silver screen through the Bolt+ smart TV app. A whole new audience can watch, engage with, and support creators from the living room through the dedicated social TV experience Sumit is talking about.

This also heralds Bolt’s big push into India. While already massively popular across Australia, Africa, South Africa, South Asia, and Europe, Bolt has been acutely aware of the untapped creative talent awaiting it in India. The opportunity for those creators to make the leap onto TV without sacrificing the interactive aspects of their existing communities has never been more achievable.

“India is a country that’s been able to see the benefits of web3 for a long time,” says Bolt Global CEO Jamal Hassim. “Millions of content creators have been waiting for that revolution to happen. That’s clear from the meteoric rise of Chingari and the rapid adoption of its web3 technology by those millions of talented content stars. Those same creators now have the potential to also broadcast their content on TV. That’s the ultimate goal of online creators who are working to turn their content into a real career – one that’s even shared by the likes of Mr Beast and Lilly Singh. This partnership between Bolt and Chingari not only makes it possible for every one of them to do this, but makes it easy.”

Bolt and Chingari have a lot more in the works as their partnership grows. This initial expansion into the world of social TV for creators and across the Indian territory for the web3 content delivery platform is an exciting first step that everyone is invited to join in with.