CII HR Conclave; successfully delivers new HR ideals, powered by HR powerhouse BYLD Group

Delhi, 30 January 2023: CII, India’s largest industry body hosted its annual flagship HR Conclave in Delhi on 23rd January. Attended by the big guns of the HR fraternity, industries, and by the student community, the conclave has always seen a full house in its sessions, owing to its agenda of bringing in ideas on what should be the HR trend of the Year, the new practices which should be adopted for betterment of the HR ecosystem, insights from the best workplaces across the globe and strategies.

A plethora of seasoned speakers have made the past conclaves of CII a huge success. This year too the attendees heard speakers like Neha Saxena of Cairn Oil, Richa Dubey, VP & CHRO Vedanta, GMR’s Head of Talent Management Harpreet Datta, and VK Singh of Powergrid.

CII HR Conclave

Madhav Singhania, CII Delhi Head Said that India’s culture, sports, music, movies, manufacturing capabilities, medicines, and hospitality have taken the world by storm. Which has in some way made us worthy of being the perfect G20 hosts for 2023. It’s high time that India’s industries and their HR practices should leave a mark on this world so that people across the world should aspire to work in Indian companies.

Sharing more on the vision of this Conclave, Nishit Sood, CFO, BYLD Group and the Chairman, CII -Delhi Sub Committee – HR & IR, said that the sole aim of this Conclave is to highlight and expose the latest trends and best practices in the industry. The idea is to help companies and students to understand and gain insights, as well as adopt the latest strategies at their workplace. BYLD Group’s Chief Flow Officer, Nishit Sood further added that in an era where HR is not limited to a simple hire-fire process, CII Delhi Conclave presented a futuristic scenario, which encompassed aspects of talent acquisition, productivity, retention, on-the-job learning, HR as a bridge between the management and employees, flexibility, multitasking, work-life balance, workplace environment, workplace mental health, industries’ readiness for Gen Z and vice versa, and much more.

The day of the Conclave saw open discussion sessions where industry stalwarts presented their cases of overcoming challenges and transformation. The discussions emphasized the importance of building the ‘organization of tomorrow’ by leveraging diversity, employee experience, and organizational culture. The panelists acknowledged that diversity brings different perspectives and ideas, which can lead to more innovative solutions and better decision-making. Improving employee experience, which focuses on creating a positive and engaging work environment, can lead to increased productivity and employee retention. Organizational culture, which defines the values and norms of the company, plays a critical role in shaping the organization’s overall success. The sessions also highlighted the need for driving critical skills transformation through highly relevant and outcome-oriented learning experiences, high-tech and high-touch HR, and the adoption of new leadership paradigms to drive business transformation in the digital age. The event also featured a roundtable discussion between the CHROs and Senior HR Leaders, who shared their journeys with each other. The Closed-Door roundtable discussion, followed by master classes for the student community, aimed at giving them tips for preparing for their first job and leaving an impact in the first 90 days.