Companies Transforming Businesses Through AI


Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary change that has enabled technological advancements across business functions. Automating business capabilities is the need of the hour as data-driven insights are helpful in engaging with potential customers and employees. It also helps in creating new opportunities and increasing accuracy in most business sectors and consumer applications. It has broadened the lens of business capabilities by making smart machines that are capable of performing tasks with minimal human interventions.

AI has numerous tangible and intangible roles and here is a list of a few companies building AI solutions for businesses:

1) [x]cube LABS

[x]cube LABS helps businesses implement AI/ML capabilities in their legacy solutions as well as build new digital solutions to drive great results. They help organizations transform customer experience and services with AI-powered virtual assistants. With their solutions businesses can automate processes that are otherwise extremely time-consuming, tedious, and expensive. The company also provides businesses with insights about customers that can help them make their products better. To provide such solutions, data analytics goes hand in hand with AI implementation. With the perfect AI and data analytics solutions they enable companies to proactively diagnose systems for any possible malfunctions, conduct remote repairs, understand various usage patterns, get feedback promptly, and make more informed plans for future improvements.

2) Simplifai

Simplifai develops automation solutions with the help of artificial intelligence and Intelligent Process Automation that leads to clients growth and cut costs. Simplifai is a 100 plus person company providing good IT solutions that automates work functions and processes. This company has made AI simple for everyone by providing easy setups in a few clicks and can deliver the product in a few weeks. It automates the work process using digital employees, an AI-driven software designed to understand and interpret human communication and improve work efficiency by operating 24/7. They have the ability to process large amounts of data in a short period of time.

3) IBM

IBM is an artificial intelligence consulting firm that creates intelligent workflows. With this, it utilizes AI, data and analytics, and turns AI aspirations into tangible business outcomes. The company provides services that can help businesses drive the smart evolution of workforce technology and the entire organization. They help in implementing a data-first strategy, augment with third-party sources, and operationalize and accelerate AI integration across your enterprise to generate positive business growth by providing AI consulting, AI for risk and compliance, Trustworthy and responsible AI, Conversational AI services, and much more.

4) ThinkPalm

ThinkPalm provides all-rounded integrated AI solutions which include deep learning, customer analysis, option character recognition, sentimental analysis, chatbot development, and predictive analytics. The experts at think palm can analyze projects, design a framework, implement and deploy Artificial Intelligence services with industry expertise in manufacturing, the public sector, healthcare, and banking. They aim to follow an extreme approach of combining innovative methods in providing solutions with AI technology for companies with an assurance to provide human-like self-analytic skills and logical reflexes-based technology.