Designing Corporate Gifts for Every Occasion in the Indian Corporate Calendar

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By Inderjeet Singh, Consortium Gifts, General Manager

Giving cWhatsApp Image 2024-05-15 at 11.43.51 AMorporate gifts has become really important for building relationships and making people like a brand more. In India, the market for corporate gifts is growing fast. It’s expected to reach 120 billion by 2025, with a 10% growth every year. Businesses are starting to understand the value of making gifts personal and putting their brand on them. These special gifts not only make clients happy but also show that the company cares about them. It’s interesting to note that Consortium Gifts, a top company for corporate gifts in Asia, still works with its first vendor and client, which shows they trust each other a lot. With the help of technology, companies can now easily make gifts that are unique and really mean something to the person getting them. Plus, having good relationships with vendors helps companies come up with new and affordable gift ideas. As companies plan their gift-giving throughout the busy Indian business year, thoughtful gifts are still really important for making clients happy and making the brand stronger.

In the world of giving gifts in Indian businesses, there are some important things happening:

1. Putting Clients First: Businesses are making gifts personal to match what their clients like and where they come from. This helps them become closer to clients and keeps them loyal to the brand. Every time there’s an event on the Indian business calendar, it’s a chance for companies to show they understand and care about their clients.

2. Using Technology: Technology is changing how gifts are given. Digital tools and AI make it possible to create personalised gifts quickly. Whether it’s through online catalogues or special experiences, technology helps companies customise gifts and stay connected with clients all year round.

3. Special Gifts for Special Events: Companies are making unique gifts for special occasions like Diwali or personal milestones. These custom gifts help build stronger relationships with clients, show respect for their culture, and prove that the company cares about making things personal.

4. Branding and Personalization: Making gifts reflect the company and the person receiving them is really important. It helps people remember the company and feel more loyal to it. When gifts are tailored to match both the company and the recipient, they make a big impact during every event on the Indian business calendar.

5. Making Sure Gifts are Top Quality: Giving high-quality gifts is key to showing the company’s values and keeping a good reputation. Great gifts also make clients trust the brand more. By focusing on quality at every event, companies show they’re serious about being professional and excellent, which helps build better business relationships.

6. Keeping in Touch After Giving Gifts: Staying in contact with clients after giving gifts is really important. It shows that the company cares about them and wants to keep the relationship strong. Asking for feedback after giving a gift helps improve future gift choices and makes the whole experience better.

7. Dealing with Problems: When things go wrong, like gifts arriving late or being broken, it’s important to fix the problem fast. Handling issues well keeps clients trusting the company and shows that it’s reliable. Having a plan for dealing with problems during every gift-giving event in Indian businesses keeps the experience positive and professional.

8. Building Strong Relationships with Suppliers: Having good connections with suppliers is crucial for getting great gifts on time. When companies have reliable suppliers, they can choose from lots of different gifts all year round. These partnerships make it easier to customise gifts and make sure they’re always top-notch, which helps build a company’s reputation for excellence and keeping clients happy.