Enjoy the festivities with Delicut’s gourmet food and a special offer to sleigh!

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New Delhi, December 2021: With so many moments to enjoy this month, Delicut is here to make it more wholesome and feisty with a special range of products and a discount offer to let you host a lot of get-togethers without worrying about what to put on the menu. Delicut ensures that only the freshest and tastiest food is on your feast table so that you can spend more time with your family and friends and less time in the kitchen.

Herb and Paprika Chicken Breast Delicut

Adding a lot more joy to the festivities, the brand is now offering a 15% discount till 5th January 2022. Begin the Christmas soirées and plan the New Year’s eve while savouring the good times with a range of our gourmet dishes.

Employing the French ‘Sous Vide’ technique, Delicut brings a wide variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and seafood options, the brand offers a meal for every one of your guests.

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About Delicut:

Founded by Tarun Arora, Delicut uses ‘Sous Vide’ technology for the same which keeps the food intact. Sous Vide is a method of cooking food in vacuum-sealed bags for a fixed time under controlled temperatures. These vacuum-sealed foods are instantly frozen at sub-zero temperatures in a blast freezer, allowing them to stay frozen for over 6 months without losing their texture, moisture, and nutrients. Because of our one-of-a-kind technique. With the market being dominated by marinated meats which require a thorough knowledge of cooking to achieve the desired final product, Delicut ensures all home cooks are able to cook artisanal dishes just like the ones from their favourite restaurants, right at home without hassle. Born out of the founder Tarun Arora’s urge to bring something unique and unparalleled in the cluttered and unforgiving F&B market, Delicut was launched in December 2020. All one needs to do to prepare their gourmet dish is quickly thaw the meal and simply grill or sear it. Yes, it’s that easy, all thanks to Delicut’s one-of-a-kind signature Sous Vide and quick freeze technology.