Entrepreneurs’ Development Centre Powered by ‘VANS Skilling & Advisory’ aims to nurture Indian MSMEs

MVW MSME dev centre alliance

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Mumbai, Nov 16, 2021: VANS Skilling & Advisory announced a strategic alliance with MVW-MSME Development Centre and MSME Business Forum India to empower the developing, small, and mid-sized MSMEs to unlock their potential, scale faster and explore newer opportunities in the post-pandemic era. The association aims to be a nurturer of MSMEs to incorporate global best practices, execute efficient workflows, deploy effective marketing strategies, go digital and be investment ready.

VANS Skilling & Advisory is a tech enabled- human intervened mentorship platform that mentors start-ups, MSMEs and large organisations into unlocking value in their business and drive upper quartile shareholder value in addition to mentoring students.

It is managed by a team of 160+ mentors, most of them are CXOs, Ex CEOs and Managing Directors of large organisations who have scaled business through sharp rigour in execution, structured PMO approach, change management, and systems thinking. Wherein, MVW-MSME Development Centre aims to work in line with the vision of GOI to support MSMEs. Also, MSME Business Forum is a network hub of erstwhile corporate executives, investors, and industry experts striving to enhance the MSME and SME profitability.

The partnership focuses on helping MSMEs towards GOI’s vision on Ease of Doing Business. It is an initiative to strengthen the investment climate for the MSMEs with guidance on inviting Foreign Investments, Joint Ventures and becoming globally competitive.

On this announcement, Dr. Srinivas Chunduru, Founder VANS Skilling & Advisory, said: “We are delighted to announce the partnership with MVW-MSME Development centre. MSMEs play a vital role as they have contributed significantly to expanding entrepreneurial endeavours through business innovations and annually contributed 30.27% in All India GDP in FY 2019-20. We aim to bring in structured methodologies, PMO approach, innovation and many such indigenously developed process that will help MSMEs leap faster in their growth curve.

“The Development centre aims to redefine and reinvent the MSMEs of India. It plays a vital role in influencing, hand-holding, and upskilling the entrepreneurs by timely interventions with need-of-the-hour support on resources, guidance and timely mentoring, said Rachana Chowdhary, CEO, MVW-MSME Development Centre.

With this partnership, the VANS group and MVW-MSME Development Centre can help MSMEs provide the right opportunities and empower their business. It will help robust credit provisioning with straightforward compliance frameworks, backed by technology upgrades for Indian small and medium enterprises. MSME Business Forum Board has applauded this initiative of the MVW-MSME Entrepreneurs Development Centre.