ESS Global embarks on a global expansion spree, expands footprint in Dubai

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ESS Global, a renowned leader in the Study Abroad and Resettlement consultancy industry is excited to announce its expansion into Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This strategic move is a testament to ESS Global’s commitment to growth and its dedication to serving clients in the region with unparalleled excellence.

Dubai, known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle and world-class educational institutions, presents an ideal environment for ESS Global to continue its mission of guiding and supporting individuals in their pursuit of education and resettlement dreams. This expansion aligns seamlessly with ESS Global’s commitment to delivering unparalleled services and facilitating life-changing experiences for its clients.

Rohit Sethi, Director of ESS Global, expressed enthusiasm about this expansion, stating, “Dubai is a vibrant city with a diverse and growing international community. We are thrilled to bring our expertise in Study Abroad and Resettlement consultancy to Dubai and play a pivotal role in helping students and individuals achieve their academic and resettlement aspirations.”

Our local expertise, backed by a team of experienced consultants guarantees personalized solutions. Leveraging our extensive global network of partner institutions and organizations, we offer a diverse array of study abroad and resettlement options, making ESS Global the trusted one-stop destination for clients seeking education and resettlement success, he further added

ESS Global’s expansion into Dubai brings a wealth of opportunities for students and individuals alike. With Dubai’s status as an international education hub, ESS Global will connect students to renowned universities and colleges, aligning their educational journey with career aspirations. Additionally, our comprehensive resettlement services, including visa assistance and post-arrival support, ensure a seamless transition for those relocating to other countries.