Fisheries Development Oman Shines at Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2023

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Oman's fisheriesMuscat, Oman – 2 Oct 2023 2023 Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), the force behind Oman’s fisheries sector advancement, has just returned from its successful participation in the sixth Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia, held from September 27 to 29, 2023, in St. Petersburg, Russia. This event helped FDO, draw substantial attention from attendees who were enthralled by the diverse array of products and enticing investment prospects within Oman’s thriving fisheries domain. FDO’s presentation of its high-quality offerings reinforced its stature as a pivotal contributor to the global fisheries industry.

This global powerhouse expo attracted over 100,000 visitors and witnessed active participation from more than 400 companies, alongside the contributions of 139 esteemed speakers, creating a convergence of industry luminaries, traders, and retailers.

Visitors to FDO’s exhibition stand were impressed by the multifaceted investment avenues Oman’s fisheries sector offers. FDO placed particular emphasis on its unwavering commitment to sustainable fishing practices, which underpin the long-term viability and preservation of Oman’s abundant marine resources. The exhibition of cutting-edge aquaculture technologies and infrastructure further underscored FDO’s dedication to enhancing productivity and maintaining exemplary standards along the value-added chain.

Juhaina Al Kendi, Fisheries Development Oman spokesperson commented on FDO’s participation: “Our presence at the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2023 was an unequivocal success. This platform allowed us to showcase Oman’s fisheries sector potential to a global audience. We received overwhelming interest from attendees who recognized the enticing investment opportunities and the top-notch products and services offered by FDO. We are confident that these interactions will pave the way for meaningful partnerships and collaborations, ultimately driving the sustainable growth of Oman’s fisheries industry.”

FDO presented its extensive portfolio throughout the exhibition, encompassing fresh and frozen fish, value-added seafood products, state-of-the-art fish processing facilities, aquaculture technologies, and sustainable fishing practices. This comprehensive showcase reaffirmed FDO’s position as a prominent entity within the global fisheries arena.

FDO’s active participation in the Global Fishery Forum & Seafood Expo Russia 2023 reflects the government’s commitment to diversifying Oman’s economy and harnessing the vast potential of its fisheries sector. Oman’s strategic location, conducive business environment, and abundant natural resources make it an appealing destination for both local and international investors seeking growth opportunities in the aquaculture industry.