Gas-O-Fast strengthens its digital presence with a new campaign and messaging in the industry

gas o fast

Mankind Pharma’s ayurvedic antacid brand Gas-O-Fast sachets have rolled out a new campaign with content creators and food bloggers. Through this campaign, the brand tries to create awareness in the social media genre as maximum audiences rely on the content creators and bloggers.

Over the years, the brand has subsequently come up with campaigns that are more in a humorous zone. Similarly, Gas-O-Fast has executed an influencer activity engaging with comedy content creators with an aim to raise brand awareness in a fun and quirky way. The comedy content creators that are part of the campaign are Neel, Shirin Sewani, RJ Karishma, Indrani Biswas, Avnish.

Adding to this, the brand for the very first time has collaborated with Food bloggers as well. The influencer videos showcase how they end up eating a lot due to their professional choices and usually face acidity, gas and indigestion. Keeping this in mind the brand aims to drive relevance via contextual conversations and position them as the number one choice to enjoy food without any hesitation. To convey the messaging, the brand has collaborated with food bloggers such as Sarah Hussain, Nisha Rajput and Srishti & Vaibhav

The food bloggers have a following of mainly food lovers and enthusiasts, who love exploring various cuisines, and through this collaboration, the brand aims to raise awareness about Gas-O-Fast as the solution for all the over-eating and its benefits for food lovers. The overall campaign highlights and positions Gas-O-Fast sachets as a true companion for every celebration.

Talking about the new campaign, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing of Mankind Pharma said, “We are focused towards building and establishing Gas-O-Fast sachets as the trusted ally for acidity, gas and Indigestion. We are aggressive towards building and strengthening our presence in the market. We have been coming up with interesting campaigns and collaborations to raise brand awareness and ensure optimum market share for our brand in the antacid industry. Gas-O-Fast sachets give quick relief from acidity, gas and indigestion. It is available with Jeera and Ajwain variants.

Gas-O-Fast is an Ayurvedic antacid brand from Mankind Pharma house, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India. Mankind Pharma and brands work towards the efforts of Make in India and Vocal for Local ideology. Gas-O-Fast has Ayurvedic antacid properties and its range of products are – Jeera, Ajwain, Guava and Lemon.