Get ready for an amazing end to the first season of The Inventor Challenge

Get ready for an amazing end to the first season of The Inventor Challenge!

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The Inventor Challenge reaches its finale with its last episode coming out tomorrow on Colors Infinity. The show has intrigued its viewers with the talent from the get-go. A large part of the credit for that goes to the show’s exemplary ensemble including the panelists, the contestants, and the entourage working with them. Talent and skill came in from all corners of the country and the inventions the contestants brought to the stage have blown the minds of everyone watching. Every episode of this mind-blowing show was given a very unique character and charm by the host, Aahana Kumra. The first season of The Inventor Challenge became even more interesting with Dhruv Bhasin and Dhruv Madhok, the founders of Arata, alongside Sarover Zaidi, a social design practitioner and design thinker, and Malini Agarwal, influencer, TV host, and entrepreneur joining in as the panelists.

Spanning over 10 weeks, the innovations on the show came to life under the advice and suggestions of a talented team of the four panelists along with mentors Vaibhav Chhabra and Anupama Gowda. With their knowledge and experience, this sextet helped inventors evolve throughout the show. The Inventor Challenge presented its audience with specially themed episodes every week where inventions ranging from household helping products to gadgets that would make travel, working, learning, and even playing easier were presented.

From 60-year-old Mansukbhai’s invention of a Self-oiling Lamp and 16-year-old Rohit Parihar’s 3-in-1 Belan, to 14-year-old Prisha Patel’s Aqua Cool Atmosphere Cooler and Gunjan Chowdhary’s ‘Mathable’ there have been quite a few inventions on the show that impressed the panelists as well as the people at home.

The final episode of the show’s first season will be based on the theme ‘Organic’. It will be interesting to see inventors Shivam Amritesh, Raunak & Nagarajan, Pradnya Nikam & Preeti Nikam, and Utkarsha Patil present a Shampoo Bubble, a Cheese Alternative, a Stove Windshield, and a Plastic Recycling Machine, respectively.

Leading to the finale and the last stride of the show, everyone associated with it is very happy with the success it garnered over the season. Now we can’t wait to see what the finale will bring to the table.

So, get ready to be a part of the finale episode of The Inventor Challenge on Saturday at 8 pm on Colors Infinity and ‘The Inventor Challenge’ YouTube channel