Hafele introduces technologically advanced and functionally exceptional cooker hoods – Rhine 90 and Datura Neo 90



Hafele’s Premium Appliances has been catering to the demands of its audience since the year 2014 by offering innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions. Hafele was the first brand to introduce filter-free technology in cooker hoods in India with the Teresa range which revolutionized the cooker hood market. Continuing with its legacy of innovation, Hafele introduces its technologically advanced and functionally exceptional cooker hoods – Rhine 90 and Datura Neo 90 to its Premium Appliances range. Sporting a feather touch control panel along with gesture control and the heat auto clean technology, these cooker hoods are convenient and easy to use whereas the powerful motor enables a faster extraction of cooking fumes, offering an interruption-free cooking experience.

Rhine 90:

A flawless combination of efficiency and engineering excellence, the Rhine 90 cooker hood packs powerful features to give you a smoke-free kitchen experience at the wave of your hand. Intelligent motion sensors integrated within this cooker hood enable hand gestures that offer you the possibility to operate it without touching the control panel with your greasy hands, thereby keeping it clean, whereas the feather touch control panel gives you precise and quick control of the cookerhood functions. The powerful 280W motor effectively extracts cooking vapour, smoke and unwanted odours from your kitchen in minutes. The heat auto-clean technology heats the inner walls of the hood and in the process melts away the oil and grease particles and collects them into the removable oil collector. This increases the efficiency and the overall operating life of the cookerhood.

Datura Neo 90:

Enabling you to enjoy your entire time in the kitchen without tearing up or constantly sneezing, Häfele brings to you Datura Neo 90 – a Filter-free Wall Mounted Cookerhood from its Premium Appliances range. This well-designed, highly efficient, and low-maintenance cookerhood clears your kitchen of unwanted odours and leaves behind only the fresh aromas arising from your food! Equipped with an Anti-drip Filtration System, this cookerhood effectively separates oil particles and smoke from the cooking fumes and eliminates any possibility of the collected grease dripping back onto the hob surface. The integrated heat auto clean technology helps further melt the oil particles accumulated on the inner walls of the hood and collects them in the oil collector which comes with an eyelet view – a small transparent screen that always keeps you apprised of the oil collection status, helping you to time your cleaning accordingly. Also, guiding you throughout your cooking activities is the LED light panel at the front of the cookerhood. The electronic feather touch control panel along with the smart gesture control functionality make operating Datura Neo 90 a breeze. With its premium matte black finish, this cookerhood brilliantly complements various hobs and ovens from Häfele’s cooking appliances range to provide seamless aesthetics to your overall kitchen.