Hamdard Laboratories returns with its campaign for its iconic ‘Cinkara’ brand “ JOSH HAR DUM”


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New Delhi, 28th April 2022: Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division), a progressive, research-based health and wellness organization, has rolled out two new marketing campaign ZINDAGI KA JOSH HAR DUM and a special Ramadan special campaign for its iconic brand Cinkara , urging people to start the day (Sehri) and break the fast (Iftaar) with Cinkara since it can keep the people energized.

To prevent the sweltering summers become an obstacle in everyday work, the new campaign encourages people, and for those who are fasting, it urges them to start the day with Cinkara and do their Iftar by consuming Cinkara. The campaign stresses how its nutritional value is beneficial for all age groups. It supplements vitamin deficiency, increases stamina, helps improve appetite, helps relieve stress, alleviates acute illness, and speeds up recovery.

Cinkara is effective in restoring lost energy, increasing appetite, improving debility and conditions of fatigue, and is effective in convalescence. Cinkara is a well-known tonic with vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. It contains six essential Vitamins along with four minerals and nine effective herbs to keep the body strong, healthy and agile. It is a complete health tonic for the entire family.

“At Hamdard, it’s our constant endeavor to provide products that are targeted at holistic wellness and keep us energetic to fight life challenges . Cinkara campaign is the testimony of providing holistic healthcare to all age groups.. ”, said Mr. Abdul Majeed, Chairman, Hamdard Laboratories (Medicine Division).

Cinkara tonic is available on various e-commerce in 500 ml only. It is available on platforms like 1 mg, Amazon and Healthmug.

Hamdard Laboratories offers trusted products that are 100% safe & with no side effects at affordable prices. The portfolio includes immunity boosters such as Khulzum, Joshina, Joshanda, Imyoton, Infunza, Kalonji Oil, and Chyawanprash that combine the goodness of time-tested herbs. These natural/herbal formulations are rich in antioxidants and effectively fight various antimicrobial infections like flu, cough, and cold.