HCLTech wins 2024 Pega Partner Industry Excellence Award

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NEW YORK, US and NOIDA, India, June 11, 2024—HCLTech, a leading global technology company, won the 2024 Pega Partner Innovation Award for Industry Excellence in Financial Services. The award recognizes HCLTech for seamlessly implementing Financial Services industry-specific solution frameworks from Pegasystems, the leading enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platform provider, empowering enterprises to adopt AI-driven business processes and enhance client experiences. Pega presented the award to HCLTech during the PegaWorld iNspire 2024 event in Las Vegas.


“HCLTech’s distinguished achievements in crafting impactful solutions, notable within the Financial Services sphere, affirm our trust in their expertise and best practices in enterprise automation,” said Judy Buchholz, senior vice president of global partner ecosystems, Pega.

“At HCLTech, we foster innovation that is not only functional and data-driven but also deeply rooted in industry needs. Together with Pega, we aim to deliver client- and industry-focused solutions that prioritize efficiency,” said Sadagopan S, Executive Vice President, Global Head of SaaS and Commercial Applications, Digital Business Services, HCLTech.

For over 14+ years, HCLTech has been collaborating with Pega, a leading enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platform provider. Leveraging its deep technical expertise in Pega’s platform, HCLTech helps enterprises adopt Pega technology, significantly reducing manual steps and improving efficiency and compliance. Now a Global Elite partner for Pega, HCLTech continues to enable clients to scale their digital transformation.

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