HGS Next-Gen Accelerator for Contact Centers Harnessing the Power of Generative Artificial Intelligence, Now Available to All Brands

HGS LogoCHICAGO and Mumbai, December 20, 2023: Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) (listed in BSE & NSE), a leader in technology-led customer experience (CX), today announced the formal launch of HGS Agent X™, a single, integrated artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and analytics powered user interface providing a state-of-the-art backbone for world-class contact center operations. Agent X streamlines call center agent workflow while enhancing customer interaction.

The first-of-its-kind holistic contact center accelerator, HGS Agent X™ leans into the power of voice interaction by transcribing 100% of the voice of the customer. Turning this unstructured voice into data provides a 360-degree view of customers’ desires and uses this insight to power agent engagements with a unified knowledge base and learning and engagement tools.

“Agent X puts a full complement of integrated tools in the hands of call center agents to give them a 360-degree view of the customers with whom they are interacting,” said Venkatesh Korla, President & CEO at HGS Digital. “This interface strikes a true balance between the use of talent and technology, or ‘bots and brains’ to provide the best experiences for customers and the agents that support them.”

HGS Agent X™ is a set of pre-built automation accelerators, designed to speed up implementations of common contact center platforms with standardized modules, improve agent retention by reducing the cognitive load on frontline staff, and reduce operating costs with shorter training times and reduced handling time in one easy-to-use system:

– AI Co-pilot and Automation

  •  Real-time ‘Live Assist’ function for predictive, fast responses
  •  ‘Smart Actions’ to eliminate repetitive tasks
  •  Real-time speech and text transcription & sentiment analysis (positive, neutral, negative) to aid in decision-making (continued interaction versus escalation)
  •  Smart knowledge management and real-time knowledge assist
  •  Integrated ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI functionality

– 360 Degree Customer Profile

  •  Single, unified tool helping to reduce multiple screens and improve response time
  •  Contextualized insights to personalize the ongoing interaction
  •  Leverages intelligence to optimize operations and their performance
  •  Enables agents to quickly navigate and resolve customer’s specific requests

– Insights

  •  Interaction intelligence to derive actionable insights
  •  CSAT (customer satisfaction) and ASAT (agent satisfaction) based on customer and agent interaction
  •  Automated quality analysis and checks

– Best-In-Class Analytics

  •  Team and agent performance
  •  Organizational analytics and operational insights

HGS Agent X™ benefits include the ability to transform:

  •  Productivity, sales, and bottom-line results
  •  Processes for onboarding, engaging, and retaining contact center agents
  •  Insights to power data-driven business decisions
  •  Employee and customer experience

More than a tool for improving CX, Agent X also serves to enhance the agent experience through myriad functions aimed at improving job performance, including the extensive on-demand knowledge base and gamified incentivization for expanding job proficiency.

Through at-the-ready access to tools and information, Agent X additionally contributes to overall contact center agent satisfaction and, ultimately, retention as well as increase brand loyalty for the end customer.