Huawei hosts “Green ICT for Green Development” Summit in Partnership with Informa Tech

Bob Cai speaks at the BWS

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[Dubai, October 19, 2021] At the Better World Summit (BWS) hosted by Huawei in partnership with Informa Tech, Bob Cai, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei’s Carrier Business Group, delivered the opening speech titled “Green ICT for Green Development”.

“As a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei incorporates green development into everything we do. We see this as part of our social responsibilities. In addition, Huawei is ready to become the best partner for operators in their efforts toward carbon neutrality,” said Cai. “With our innovative products and solutions, we will help operators cut carbon emissions and make their networks more energy efficient. We also want to work with operators and use ICT to better enable other industries to cut carbon emissions and become carbon neutral faster.”

In June 2021, Huawei and Informa Tech jointly proposed the Network Carbon Intensity (NCI) initiative, in which carbon emissions per bit of data is defined as a new metric for green networks. Huawei emphasized that people’s pursuit of better lives must be balanced with the need for lower carbon emissions, so the company proposed this initiative to better manage and measure carbon reduction roadmaps.

During this summit, Huawei stressed the need to establish a platform for industry collaboration on green development and said that BWS is a good example. This platform will regularly bring together industry partners and operators to share innovative technologies and latest practices in how to cut carbon emissions and contribute to a greener ICT industry. According to Cai, at MWC Barcelona 2022, Huawei will continue to hold a green development forum with its partners to share industry practices and latest solutions, and all industry partners and operators are welcome to attend the forum.

“We believe the BWS in Dubai is a good beginning. Looking ahead, we will continue to work with our industry partners and operators to empower green development of all industries using our innovative technologies,” said Cai at the end of his speech. “As we envision in the theme of our flagship exhibition hall in Dubai, ‘Lighting up the Future’, we believe that together, we will light up a greener future.”

Other attendees who spoke at the event included Richard Mahony, Vice President of Service Provider Markets of Informa Tech; Dr. Dena Assaf, UN Resident Coordinator of the United Arab Emirates; Tommy Stadlen, Co-Founder of Giant Ventures; Dr. Ahmed Bin Ali, Corporate Communications SVP of Etisalat; Hervé Suquet, Group Energy SVP of Orange; Dirk Karl, Chief Procurement Officer of MTN; Tanveer Mohammad, SVP of Global Operation of Telenor; and Aaron Jiang, Vice President of Huawei Wireless Product Line.