Inauguration of 10th branch of Sree Charan Cooperative Bank at Kodigehalli

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“Banks grow only if there is faith” – Former Chief Justice P. S. Dinesh Kumar

Bengaluru, May 27: Banking is a service that depends much on faith and the banking sector grows if there is absolute faith,” said Justice P. S. Dinesh Kumar, former Chief Justice of Karnataka here on Monday.

Speaking after inaugurating the 10th branch of Sree Charan Cooperative Bank near Sahakaranagar at Kodigehalli, Justice Dinesh Kumar said if the faith in the bank becomes strong and leads to deposits, then the banks are bound to grow and develop.

“We need to do everything that is possible to ensure that the people develop absolute faith in the banking practices,” Justice Dinesh Kumar added.

Stating that the banking services should increase in the present modern times by providing absolute services, Justice Kumar said the banks can offer better services to people if more branches are opened.

He said Dwarakanath and his team are doing immense service to the people through Sree Charan Cooperative Bank.

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Speaking on the occasion, Chief Editor of Public TV H.R. Ranganath said it is difficult to work with honesty and righteousness in the present day. The biggest inadequacy of the banking sector is the absence of faith. The Cooperative banking sector has witnessed everything which ought not to have happened.

“However, Sree Charan Bank is an exception. By opening its 10th branch, it is growing with a good pace. Cautious approach is the need of the hour. We must keep in mind that those who keep deposit have earned their money in a hard way,” Ranganath added.

B. V. Dwarakanath, Founder-Chairman of Sree Charan Cooperative Bank, Gayathri Dwarakanath, Director M. Gopinath, Vice President Shubhapradha, senior administrator T. N. Geetha, and others were present on the occasion.