Indian Chamber’s Strategic Footprint in the USA

Pradeep NairKolkata, 8th February 2024: The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Pradeep Nair as its Representative for the Western region of the United States of America. This significant role underscores the ICC’s commitment to deepening economic ties with the globe’s largest economy. Mr. Nair brings with him an impressive track record of over two decades of leadership across the dynamic environments of the US and India, embodying a dedicated effort to connect these two crucial economies through his vast professional network and engagements.

Mr. Nair’s distinguished career spans a variety of sectors, including technology, policy, and investments, with a notable focus on the US-India cross border. He has led initiatives in both the private and public sectors, from Silicon Valley’s tech-driven landscape to policy and investment roles that have had a transformative impact in India. His contributions to leading organizations such as Deloitte Consulting, the Clinton Foundation, and the Ford Foundation highlight his profound experience collaborating with government bodies and top-tier corporations in both nations, driving forward significant projects and initiatives.

In more recent years, Mr. Nair has dedicated himself to invigorating the startup ecosystem, particularly emphasizing the US-India corridor. His efforts have been instrumental in promoting innovative growth and fostering economic prosperity between these two markets. By taking on the role of Representative for the ICC in the USA, Mr. Nair is set to leverage his extensive expertise in management consulting, strategy, and operations to further enhance India-US economic relations.

Under Mr. Nair’s visionary leadership, the ICC anticipates reaching new milestones in innovative growth and mutual prosperity. His profound understanding of the nuances of both the US and Indian markets positions him perfectly to lead this venture, promising an era of strengthened economic partnerships and collaborative success.

Ameya Prabhu, President of ICC, expressed delight in the appointment, stating, “We are thrilled to have Mr. Pradeep Nair as ICC’s Representative to contribute towards robust bi-lateral to propel India-USA trade beyond the current milestone of $ 200 billion in the coming years.” We also hope to bolster ‘Invest in India’ through this office.

The ICC eagerly looks forward to Mr. Nair steering the India-US economic dialogue to unprecedented levels, capitalizing on his rich background and unique insights into the multifaceted global business landscape.