Indian Economy Gains Upto 20% If All Govt. Job Seekers Utilized Through Digital Platforms

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Analyst ‘5Jewels Research’ has said that Indian Economy can gain upto 20% if all Govt. job seekers gets utilized through Digital Platforms. Commenting on recent announcement of PM Modi where he instructed HR heads of government departments to recruit 10 lakh people in 1.5 years Chief Analyst of ‘5Jewels Research’ Mr Sumant Parimal said “This kind of large recruitment drive under Govt. of India is a right step towards stimulating economic growth of our country in post pandemic environment, however we need to go beyond the traditional recruitment mechanisms, rather we should tap all our human resources who are willing to contribute for growth of the country through Digital Platforms based value creation frameworks, which could enables all Govt. job seekers to create economic values for our country by utilizing whatever skills sets and talent potentials they have. Govt. recruitment drives may be transformed as value creation drives, so that every participating candidate creates some value for our country’s economy”.

“Since India has crores (millions) of Govt. job aspirants, hence Indian economy may gain upto 20%, if all Govt. job seekers gets utilized through some innovative value creating digital platforms, which provides consistent value driven engagements for all Govt. job seekers such that they remain generating economic value for themselves and for the country even if not selected for any Govt. job position. So, core objective of such value creating digital platform is to let even a common citizen of India to add value in Govt. departments works as per his / her willingness and potentials, hence building large value delivery capacities for Govt. departments and institutions for unlocking $5T beyond economic future of India” Sumant Parimal commented further.

“Let Govt. recruitment institutions like UPSC, gets transformed itself from millions aspirants to hundreds screeners based on some filtering tests for filling up limited Govt. vacancies, to millions aspirants to trillion dollar value creators for giving wings to $5 Trillion + economy aspiration of India by engaging all aspiring Indian job seekers on digital platforms for consistent economic value creations” Mr Sumant Parimal said further.