JBCN International School celebrates Teachers Day through an innovative campaign Teachers of Tomorrow

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JBCN International SchoolMumbai,  September: JBCN International School is thrilled to announce the launch of their innovative campaign, “Teachers of Tomorrow,” aimed at honoring and celebrating the invaluable contributions of educators. Launched in line with the Teachers’ Day celebrations, this initiative aimed at applauding the dedication and pioneering spirit of teachers while highlighting their role in shaping young minds and society. The campaign aimed to showcase the profound influence teachers have on young minds and ignite lifelong passion for learning.

The core objective behind this initiative was to recognize the vital role teachers play in shaping the Changemakers of tomorrow. The campaign commenced with a competition open to students from grades 6 to 12 across all four JBCN International School campuses. Through the “Teachers of Tomorrow” competition, learners were encouraged to delve into their imagination and capture the essence of a modern educator who champions positive change in the world of education through stories, poetries, or artwork. Learners were encouraged to unleash their creativity, weave magic through words or art and showcase their interpretation of Teachers of Tomorrow. Ms. Srishti Guptaroy, a visual artist, illustrator, and fashion designer, was responsible for evaluating the submissions received for the Teachers of Tomorrow competition.

Mr. Kunal Dalal, Managing Director of JBCN Education, commented, “With the ‘Teachers of Tomorrow’ campaign, we celebrated educators i.e. visionaries who shape the learners of today to become changemakers and be future-ready. We are committed to providing transformative learning experiences and a progressive environment to encourage learners to think and act as catalysts of change in an ever-evolving world. We are thrilled to see the unique entries received from all the learners. I congratulate all the winners and thank each and every one who made their teachers feel special through their artwork, poems, or stories.”

Ms. Srishti Guptaroy, a visual artist, illustrator, and fashion designer, commented, “I’m truly inspired by the innovative and refreshing ideas put forth by these young learners. It’s incredibly promising to envision a tomorrow especially where the next generation possesses such boundless imagination but with clarity of thought. Their creativity lights the path to a brighter future. I’m extremely happy to be a part of such a unique initiative by JBCN International School.”

“Teachers of Tomorrow” celebrated teachers and provided a creative outlet for learners. Furthermore, the campaign is a significant part of JBCN Education’s 20-year celebrations. On September 5th, the announcement of a total of 20 winners was made. The entries we have received will be compiled into an artwork that aims to inspire and make a positive impact on the young learners’ minds.