Jingle All the Way to KidZania’s Winter Wonderland: A Festive Spectacle for the Whole Family

KidZania Noida, December 12, 2023 – KidZania India is delighted to announce the much-anticipated arrival of the festive season with our enchanting Winter Wonderland, taking place at KidZania Delhi NCR and Mumbai from 15th December 2023 to 7th January 2024. Families and children are warmly invited to immerse themselves in the timeless charm and joyful spirit of the holidays. KidZania’s Christmas celebration goes beyond being just a holiday; it’s a special time for families to unite, craft beautiful memories, and bask in the wonder of the holiday spirit. Join us as KidZania transforms into a winter wonderland, resonating with the jingle of bells and the warmth of holiday cheer, creating an unforgettable experience for all.

Event Highlights:

Giant Snow Globe:

  •  Step into the spectacular Snow Globe, pose and capture the joy and memories of the festive season, and let the spirit of Christmas shine in every snapshot!

Tinkle Mega Collection Box:

  •  Experience the mega launch of the Tinkle Mega Collection in KidZania —the ultimate pack for every comic lover! The collection boasts 500+ stories that feature every Toon in the Tinkle universe. Calling all Tinkle fans to unveil the life-size grand box, meet the characters, participate in Kool activities, and immerse themselves in the joy of the season!

Nestle CeregrowChristmas Art Challenge:

  •  Dive into the festive spirit with the ‘Nestle Ceregrow Christmas Art Challenge’. Join us for a heartwarming competition, as you create and present your nutritious Christmas art bowls using Ceregrow, fruits, and vegetables of your choice. The selected winners get a chance to win delightful Ceregrow goodies and hampers.

FSM Carol Singing Workshop:

  •  Join us as professional music teachers guide you through the art of Carol Singing, harmonizing with musical instruments. Learn, practice, and shine as you showcase your newfound skills in a heartwarming performance before a captivated audience – a festive experience that resonates with joy and musical cheer!

Santa Parade with RightZkeepers:

  •  Delight in a spirited parade led by Santa, Suppandi, and our lovable RightZkeepers, adding extra merriment to the Christmas Party!

Christmas DIY:

  •  Get creative with Paper Plate Christmas Wreaths, DIY Popsicle Xmas Hanging, Xmas Bookmark Making, and more festive DIY activities


Ballistic Bingo Blast

  •  Aim and toss – with 5 chances, can you master the art of precision? Give it your best shot and win exclusive KidZania vouchers!

Arctic Pin Tumble

  •  Can you topple the icy pins in just two tries? Keep the excitement alive, score big, and unlock exciting prizes.

Jolly Ring Toss Challenge

  •  Take your chances, toss the ring, aim for victory, and become the ultimate ring-toss maestro. Are you up for the challenge?

Each visitor will get a free Santa hat, that’ll help spread warmth and holiday cheer throughout the party!

Rahul Dhamdhere, Chief Marketing Officer of KidZania India, said, “It’s a season when hearts are filled with goodwill, and the joyful tunes of carols echo in the atmosphere. At KidZania, our aim is to introduce the enchanting charm of Christmas, particularly to children, providing them with an unforgettable experience through our planned activities. In the spirit of love and generosity, we’re offering delectable food and complimentary cocktails for every visitor, cherishing the moments that make this time of the year truly special.”

KidZania invites everyone to join in the Christmas celebration to enjoy exciting activities& games with family and friends, infusing the season with merriment, creativity, and the magic of Christmas!