Education Leadership Summit 2024- a leadership summit for Indian educators and school leaders

Education Leadership

Delhi, 27th December 2023: Michigan-based UM-Marsal Family School of Education in association with Globestar Consulting Services presents UM-Marsal Globestar Education Leadership Summit 2024, a leadership summit for Indian educators and school leaders. To be held in Mumbai and Delhi from January 28th to February 3rd, the summit will be spearheaded by experienced faculty members from the prestigious Marsal Family School of Education at the University of Michigan and Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Conducted across 3 days each in Mumbai and Delhi, the summit will feature workshops, school visits, case studies, and panel discussions and culminate with Education Diligence Awards (EDA) to honor and celebrate excellence in education.

India has about 280 Million school-going children and about 9 Million teachers to cater to them. A report by UNESCO titled “2021 State of the Education Report for India” indicates that India has a shortage of 1 Million teachers. Furthermore, India’s pupil-teacher ratios remain low when compared to other countries. This acute shortage of teaching staff has a direct impact on the quality of education. Additionally, most schools today do not have a trial-tested international framework that can be localised to have a collective teaching practice that is engaging and meaningful for the 21st century. UM-Marsal Globestar Education Leadership Summit has been conceptualized to address the above-mentioned gaps in the Indian education system. The summit aims to involve 120 school leaders across the country to engage in a collaborative teaching and learning process and empower them with the knowledge to positively impact schools and classrooms. On Day 3 of the summit, the concluding sessions are open to 150 educators at each location to ensure broader reach and engagement.

The summit, primarily aimed at school owners, directors, heads of schools, principals, and aspiring educators, will cover topics such as curriculum development, disciplinary literacy and AI, innovative instructional approaches, best practices in school administration, and technology integration. It offers a great opportunity for stakeholders in the education sector to get in-depth insights into creating a vision for their educational institutions. For directors and heads of schools, it serves as an avenue to acquire valuable knowledge to ensure consistent progress, avoid stagnation of their skills, and bridge the gap between their educational objectives and financial sustainability. In addition, for aspiring principals, it will aid in enhancing their skills and help in formulating effective strategies for school management.

Commenting on the event, Elizabeth Birr Moje, Dean, Marsal Family School Of Education, said, “Our mission at Marsal Family School of Education is to enhance the quality of education by carefully identifying and addressing some of the gaps that exist in the current education system. We are thrilled to bring forth our expertise and engage with educators to positively impact the education landscape in India. The summit offers a great opportunity for school leaders to connect, collaborate, and engage in a transformative learning experience”

Dhaval Mehta, CEO and Founder, of Globestar Edutech Pvt Ltd and TNI Career Counselling, said, “ Globestar was founded to assist educational institutions, both schools and universities, to enhance the quality of education they offer and improve the overall student experience and career prospects. Over the last several years, we have created a meaningful difference in the education industry through our services and events. The UM-Marsal Globestar Education Leadership Summit 2024 is yet another step in that direction. We are excited to partner with Marsal Family School Of Education to host a first-of-its-kind education summit in India. I would like to invite schools across India to join us for the event as we explore best practices and innovative approaches to transform education in India. Schools can also nominate themselves for the Education Diligence Awards (EDA) designed to recognize and celebrate excellence in education.

To kick off the summit, a preview took place on December 20th, 2023 to offer an overview of the event. During the session, participants had the opportunity to understand the outcomes and advantages of attending the summit. The introductory session had an active engagement of over 15 schools which included names such as BD Somani International School, DPS Mathura Road, Heritage School Vasant Kunj, Bharati Vidyapeeth School of Excellence Pune, Canadian International School, and several others.