Leading AgTech Platforms Revolutionizing Indian Farming

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The Indian agricultural landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to the innovative AgTech platforms that are revolutionizing the way farming is done. These platforms empower farmers with data-driven insights, promote sustainable practices, and bridge the digital divide in agriculture. Here are five leading AgTech platforms at the forefront of this agricultural revolution:

1. Nurture.farm: Established in December 2019, nurture.farm brings together the best agriculture solutions, including remote sensing, farm mechanisms, online marketplaces, traceability, and market linkage. It also encourages farmers to adopt sustainable practices to mitigate potential risks and become resilient.

The brand focuses on offering short-term and long-term solutions to farmers throughout the crop life cycle. To do so, it has come with specially curated opportunities, including nurture.farm, nurture. retail, nurture. trade, and nurture. sustain.

2. AgroStar: Founded in 2013, AgroStar is one of India’s foremost AgTech start-ups, working on the mission of #HelpingFarmersWin. AgroStar is an end-to-end solutions provider that is solving three major problems of farmers – limited access to good quality agri inputs, the gap in knowledge and information due to traditional farming, and lack of access to the best markets to sell their produce.

AgroStar is providing real-time agronomy advisory and access to quality farm inputs, through AgroStar’s omni-channel platform. This has enabled farmers to grow better quality crops, increase their yields by 30-100% and reduce expenses. Further, through the acquisition of INI Farms, a decade-old company creating an impact on the Supply side, AgroStar is helping farmers sell their produce in domestic and global markets that offer a better rate. Thus, they have built a full-stack model, solving farmers’ problems end to end.

3. GROWiT: Gujarat-based brother duo Akshay and Saurabh Agarwal founded GROWiT to provide innovative agri-tech solutions to increase farm output through protective farming. So far, the startup has catered to more than 20,000 farmers across the country. It is India’s first Direct-to-Farmer (D2F) protective farming agritech company. The firm specialises in creating high-quality and cost-effective protective farming materials and manufacturing products. It ensures optimum quality and high yield for the Indian agricultural and farming industry while lowering its carbon footprint

4. DeHaat: Founded in 2012, DeHaat is a technology-based platform offering full-stack agricultural services to farmers, including the distribution of high-quality agricultural inputs, customised farm advisory, access to financial services, and market linkages for selling their produce. It is one of the fastest-growing start-ups in the Agri-Tech sector & one of the very few companies providing end-to-end solutions & services to the farming community in India. DeHaat is building AI-enabled technologies to revolutionize supply chain & production efficiency in the farming sector.

5. Fyllo: Founded in 2019 by Sudhanshu Rai and Sumit Sheoran, Bengaluru-based Fyllo is among thousands of relatively young startups that are deploying technologies such as IoT and AI to improve farm productivity. Fyllo’s ambit covers crop-specific models for irrigation, nutrients, diseases, pests, and weather management for each physiological stage of crop and soil. Fyllo essentially installs a farm IoT device containing several on-field sensors. It collects data from the soil, crop canopy, and environment around the crop. The data is then analyzed by the company’s machine learning algorithms to help give recommendations to farmers on their mobile app, which supports all major Indian languages.