Logistics companies practicing Green Revolution in India


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Logistics which is the key enabler to industries and also a backbone to a countries trade has gone through several transformations in the past few years. Out of all the shifts in the sector, one major shift is working towards a greener future. The health effects of pollution are serious where nations globally have raised concerns. Logistics being one of the major contributors to the environmental pollution has started taking measures to ensure a sustainable future. Here are a few logistic companies practising the green revolution in India.

SEROS Logistics – Headquartered in Surat, SEROS Logistics is one of India’s leading players in multimodal and marine logistics, with a gamut of services available locally and globally. Powered by expertise and technology, the company provides every logistics support possible to manufacturing units to keep the clients away from tactical distractions and concentrate on their core functions. One of the very few environmentally-conscious logistics companies, SEROS also has a business division dedicated to green logistics – SEROS Green. With an increasing demand for alternate fuels, the company is constantly engaged in R&Ds to come up with innovative solutions to help India transition to cleaner and greener fuels. SEROS has India’s largest privately-owned LNG tankers fleet and aims to lead the country towards an environment-friendly future. With the increasing demand for LNG, SEROS offers to supply to areas with no gas pipelines and provide LNG tankers in remote locations. SEROS is helping other companies/factories transition to green fuels by assisting them in the last mile connectivity to the clean gas grid.

DHL – DHL connects services among 220 countries and territories worldwide. It is an international courier, package delivery, and express mail service, provider. DHL delivers integrated services and tailored solutions for managing goods and services throughout the world. From parcels, documents to light-weighted goods they deliver DHL engagements in everything. By embracing a greener future through its green supply chain management practices and environmental sustainability. The company is committed to going green by empowering its facilities through renewable energy resources.

Shreyas Shipping – Shreyas Shipping and Logistics is a pioneer and market leader in coastal shipping covering all ports and container terminals on the Indian coast. With a capacity of 22,000 TEUs, it is India’s leading owner and provider of container ships for charter. It acts as a singular touchpoint between consumers and carriers so they can easily manage their orders. With automated carrier selection, real-time tracking and exhaustive performance report Shreyas shipping are maintaining green logistics in India.